Spirituality to Serve the World

Spirituality must serve your life practically, and eventually the world, if it is to be true at all.

Spirituality is about Freedom from and Freedom for.


“Spirituality is not about getting out of the world, it is about getting into the world, according to the purpose that brought you here.”

“There is who you really are, and there is what the world has made of you. Your spiritual practice is an opportunity to recognize this.”

– Marshall Vian Summers

Marshall Summers

Teachings from Marshall Summers about Spirituality

Realizing great truths

Realizing Great Truths

People look at new phenomena, new ideas, new situations, and unless they’re very aware of what they’re doing, they’re going to try to categorize everything

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The Mystery of Life

How Does the Mystery Move within the Manifestation of Life?

For the part of you that lives in the Mystery needs the part of you that lives in Separation, so that it can give its great gifts to the world through you. And the part of you that’s living in Separation needs the part of you that is living in the Mystery, so you can give your true gifts to the world

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