Many people talk about great change in their lives, but really when great change happens, it is imperceptible. And you know that a great change has occurred because you are feeling so very different about everything. Otherwise, change is a momentary experience. It generates a lot of conversation, a lot of excitement perhaps, but nothing really has changed.

The big change is imperceptible. It happens at a deeper level. It is not just a re-evaluation or a new experience. Something really has shifted on the inside at a level beyond the realm of the intellect, and now the intellect must catch up and readapt itself and readjust.

Much of what you will be going through within these early stages is a readjustment to a change that has already taken place. Now you are trying to give it expression. You are trying to comprehend it and accept it—accept the fact that a shift has occurred and you are feeling differently about so many things.