You can't give your authority to God


Power, wisdom and authority. You can’t give your authority to God. This is no spiritual welfare here. You can’t wait for God to tell you what to do. You have to claim this responsibility and then you become someone who’s able to function in the world and be of service in the world and to be some degree of a force in the world.

Now think about how different that is from religion as you have known it or have experienced it or see it happening in the world today. The emphasis here is not on belief, but on experience because belief is in the mind and therefore subject to endless manipulation, confabulation, misdirection and all the forces that can work upon us through the powers of persuasion that exist in our world, which are formidable. That’s why the sages retreat.

But we are being called forth, but in a way that can give us the greatest opportunity to have an impact in this world at a time when that impact is of the greatest need and significance.