What is Sacred?

It is time now to speak of the Sacred—what is truly sacred, what must be revered, what must be recognized—and to see how it is very different from the things that are considered sacred and held to be sacred by many people.

For what is sacred cannot be touched. It cannot be named. It cannot be held within your hands. It is not a place. It is not a building. It is not an object. For what is sacred is what is permanent.

For in the beginning, there was the Sacred. In the end, there was the Sacred. In the middle, in between, there was the Sacred. It is past. It is present. It is future. It is a moment of experience. It is a revelation.

It is a memory stretching back through the corridors of your mind, so far back that it reaches beyond this life, beyond this set of circumstances. It is like remembering something that has always been, but has been forgotten.

When people have this experience, they know there is something permanent in their lives. It is not a belief that something is permanent. It is not a belief based upon fear and apprehension. It is not an accommodation to offset the anxiety that accompanies the awareness of one’s mortality and limited life here in the world.

The Sacred is like a flame that never burns out.