There’s a deeper current of our life—representing who we were before we came into the world and who we will be once we depart, still living within us deep beneath the surface of our worldly mind—beyond the limited sphere of our intellect and our beliefs and ideas.

Marshall spoke live to the Worldwide Community of the New Message on December 8, 2018 (full broadcast):


Marshall: So moved by the people who are here with me today: my core team of participants, people who have given their lives to serve the Revelation, to assist me bringing it into the world, and in the future to preserve it beyond my time.

The level of commitment and dedication here and personal strength that everyone exhibits is a demonstration of the Knowledge that the New Message speaks of. Sometimes we think of power in terms of strength and magnificence and the things you see in movies, for example, but the real strength is not how much you can push in life, it’s what you can hold, what you can sustain within yourself and around yourself. This is the demonstration of real inner power that we speak of here today.

For me, I’ve spent much of my life receiving and studying the New Message from God. And now in this time, I’m facing my…perhaps my last great endeavor, which is to bring the New Message out into the world. For it has been largely received, though not completely. And it is my task with the assistance of many people—many of you, in fact, who are participating with us—to bring this out into the world where it is so needed now. For there’s nothing else like this in the whole world.

It is because it is a New Message from God for this time and the times to come. What many people don’t realize is that for much of this time of preparation for me while I was being tested and prepared, I worked in obscurity, with only a few people to assist me, some of whom are here with me today, amazingly.

While we endeavored to publish certain books and get them out into the world, such as Steps to Knowledge and Wisdom from the Greater Community, I was held back for much of this time until the New Message could reach a state of readiness for me to present it as a New Message from God and not simply as a teaching, or an important teaching.

My journey of initiation began in 1981, but it was not until 1999 that it was revealed to me that this was a New Message from God. So for those 18 years, I had to receive and prepare and study something that was in preparation, in formation.

So I know what it means to follow the invisible light. I know what it means to live without definitions or without a complete understanding of what I’m doing or where it’s leading me or what it will ultimately produce. These things hold true for you as well, though perhaps in a much larger scale, while my life is a demonstration for you, and my life has been given for you and for so many others who have yet to find this Revelation, both now and into the future.

For the New Message is meant to speak to people a hundred years from now and 500 years from now. It’s not just for our time and at this moment. This is a preparation for this time and great transition for humanity into the Greater Community of life in the universe, but it’s also for a time once that transition has been completed.

When you study the Revelation, you find as you continue to read it or review it over time that it keeps offering you more and more and more. Even Steps to Knowledge—which Steps are given with tremendous simplicity, clarity, making it much easier to translate into many languages as is occurring right now—within that simplicity is tremendous depth. So if you were to study Steps to Knowledge now and then study it three years from now, you would see things you never saw the first time through, partially because your eyes are being opened; you’re becoming sensitized to the greater reality that lives within you and around you, that is giving your life true purpose, meaning and direction.

It is a Greater Coordination that has brought me into the world to serve in this capacity, to prepare for so long for a very great and challenging and burdensome role. It’s a Great Coordination that prepared me through many stages to make sure that I had the strength and the commitment and the comprehension to be able to assume this mantle of responsibility, to be the Messenger for a New Message from God for the world.

I’m going to talk a little bit about the Great Coordination today. First I should say that it’s beyond anything we can understand because it includes everything that is happening in our world and all worlds in the universe, if you were to take it further and further out beyond our sphere of awareness and our capacity to understand.

What is important for each of us to realize is that the Great Coordination is what keeps us connected in a bigger way to who we are and to why we’re here. Beneath all the distractions and the trauma of living in the world, all the obsessions and dilemmas that plague us and overtake us, the great coordination still lives within us, within Knowledge within us.

Our redemption is not about believing in the scriptures or holding to a certain religious perspective or idealizing a great emissary or a great teacher. It is about discovering and following this deeper current within our lives that the New Message so beautifully demonstrates and expresses, that it calls Knowledge.

So I would like to read to you today a passage from the teaching on the Great Coordination. (reads)

Deep within you there is a sacred Mind, a Mind created by God, a Mind We call Knowledge, a Mind that is connected already to the Great Coordination. For Knowledge represents your connection to God, but it also represents your purpose for being here, a purpose you have not invented for yourself, a purpose that you do not yet understand. Even if you have a very spiritually oriented understanding it is something greater than this.

It goes on to say:

While you seek union in relationships, so hopelessly; while you seek to fulfill yourself in the world, so hopelessly; while you seek to meet the deeper need of your soul by acquiring things, people, places, possessions, everything, or keeping yourself stimulated at all times, what will really satisfy you and fulfill you and return you to your true relationships in the universe is the Great Coordination itself.

This is the mystery of our lives.

You know, we live life at two different levels. We live life in the world as a worldly person trying to survive here, trying to function here, trying to navigate changing circumstances around us, trying to find happiness or reprieve wherever we can. That’s 99% of our awareness, perhaps.

There’s a deeper current of our life—representing who we were before we came into the world and who we will be once we depart, still living within us deep beneath the surface of our worldly mind—beyond the limited sphere of our intellect and our beliefs and ideas.

This is what our spirituality really is. It’s not an ideology. It’s not a set of principles. It’s a living stream. It’s a living river of intention within us, within you.

Perhaps you have felt this at various times, moments of certainty, even moments of doubt, where something was trying to hold you back because usually our first experiences of this deeper current is being held back, holding us back from giving our life away to people, places and things that do not represent who we are and why we’re here.

I traveled a very long, mysterious journey, followed by an invisible light. That’s because to be guided in this manner is not to be like a limp doll or a puppet on strings where you’re passive and you’re just waiting for something to move you.

More it’s like following an invisible light through the dark woods to places you have never been before. And you have to walk that walk. And you have to make those decisions to follow that. And you have to face and accept the consequences of following that.

Without the walk, nothing happens. Without the journey, nothing happens. Following an invisible light is not a straight line. For in nature there are very few straight lines. It is a journey. And you know, you can’t see around those corners. You don’t know what’s on the other side of the mountain. How different this is from staying at the foot of the mountain, trying to believe and have grand notions and fantastic ideas and concepts and belief systems. How different that is from the person who begins the ascent, step by step. So this is a journey for us to take.

Anything that I say about the New Message is an approximation, for it exceeds my understanding completely. It will exceed your understanding too. But what’s very clear is the next step you need to take. Perhaps you already know what this is. That’s because Knowledge and the Great Coordination within you are trying to move you in the right direction. And the first steps of movement are to bring clarity and balance to your current life. For if your life is in disarray or you are engaged with people, places and things that do not represent your destiny or the real truth within you—things that represent compromises, or things you acquiesce to along the way—then you’re held in place.

You might have big ideas or hope that you can understand something, but you’re still held in place. You can’t move. Real spiritual work and development is movement. There’s understanding, yes. But understanding that does not lead to movement is not really understanding, for movement is the final expression of Knowledge.

For there are three stages of Knowledge. There’s recognition of what needs to be done or changed or the next step you need to take.

There is being with that awareness, even walking around it, if it’s not needed in the moment, to try to feel its depth and its importance for your life.

Then at some point there’s taking action. Knowledge can move you in an instant to pull you out of the curb for the oncoming bus, or pull you back onto the curb. But in most cases it gives you a sign. It asks you to be with that sign, not to try to understand it because you don’t know what it means yet, really, to allow it to grow within you so it can become strong enough to generate action.

Because what really matters in this world is what you do, what you serve and why you serve. When you leave here, everything else is forgotten. This is what really matters. This is what the New Message is all about, is movement. Yes.

The Great Coordination is within you. You cannot lose it. You can forget it. You can deny it. You can try to lose yourself in people, places and things, or even in religious ideologies, and become an adamant believer. But an adamant believer is still not a person of Knowledge because belief is only important to substantiate the real experiences of Knowledge that you have had.

This is what faith means in the truest sense. It is not faith in a belief or faith in what a teacher said or a faith in the scriptures. It’s the faith in a religious experience or a spiritual experience you have had. It’s really important to think about this because where you place your faith is so very important.

Faith in experience will lead to greater experience. Faith in a belief or an idea may not engender any such experience. In fact, it may isolate you and set you in opposition to others, as is so often the case, from the realm of religion as we have known it.

The Great Coordination connects you with your Source. It connects you with the people you must find in this life, who will really make a difference for you. And it will bring forth in time, as you are prepared, your greater gifts of service here, things that you cannot determine at the outset.

In 1981, I could not at all determine where I was going to have to go. And fortunately, after teaching inner guidance for five or six years, I knew enough at that time to realize that I’m not going to understand this. I can’t fit this into my current understanding because it’s going to take me beyond that understanding.

The presence of Knowledge is not to confirm what you believe but to take you where you need to go, to get you high enough up this mountain so you can see everything around you clearly and understand where you have been and where you need to go next.

Very simple, but the amazing thing is that while on one hand, it looks like you’re giving up control, on the other hand, you have to establish tremendous self-control to do it: overcoming doubt, overcoming obsession, overcoming distraction, overcoming the influence of other people when that is necessary. You have to become really strong to do this—strong within yourself, the captain of your own ship, not someone who’s just waiting around for something to happen, hoping it will be better.

Great Coordination is a coordination. Coordination is movement. And when you are experiencing Knowledge and acting upon Knowledge, you are connecting to that Great Coordination for that moment, for that time, standing in contrast to your normal everyday experience.

But you know, living in Separation—the New Message calls Separation in a physical reality—we are blinded to the Great Coordination and to Knowledge within ourselves by the influence of people and the impact of the world around us and all the things that happen to us that engage us only at the surface of our life. We lose connection with the deeper part of us.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s bringing us back. The New Message both brings us back and leads us forward. It brings us back to our core reality, truly the immortal part of ourselves that’s still connected to God. It’s still the only thing that holds our greater purpose and destiny in this world, something our intellect cannot control or understand.

And yet the New Message moves us forward because we have to break new ground. Our life needs to move. If we become stagnant, then all manner of self-conflict, poor mental and physical health emerges. For life in the world in physical reality is about movement and getting things done.

The Great Coordination and Knowledge have sent you in the world to play a small part in serving the world at this great turning point. Whether this service happens through the New Message or through a different avenue, the outcome is still the same.

Your mind wants many things. It wanders…leads to living a very haphazard life. But within you, there is a centerline and a direction. And once that becomes activated, your life begins to really move. And that is important. The movement is not immediate.

Again, my example, though perhaps extraordinary, still has the elements of the things you’ll have to face within yourself. It’s following the mystery of your life while at the same time organizing your outer life and establishing authority over your mind and your affairs to whatever extent is needed.

You’re not losing power here; you’re gaining strength. You can only gain strength to follow something of this magnitude.

I have travelled this journey for a long time because a great…a great plane needs a long runway, and my life is a great plane. It is a long journey of following the invisible light. It has burned away ambition in me, confusion, self-doubt—all the things that plague almost everyone to one degree or another.

On one hand, it’s breaking new ground, learning new things. On the other hand, it’s simplifying your life down into what’s essential, elemental and fundamental. You become more of who you really are and less of what the world has made of you, less of what you may have made of yourself.

It’s a process of reduction, ultimately. But it’s also new learning, new understanding. And here your intellect becomes a servant of Knowledge, as it’s meant to be. It’s your navigation tool to be in the world. It’s your communication vehicle. Without it, you can’t be here. You can’t communicate. You can’t interact. You can’t make a difference. So there’s no denigration here of the intellect. It’s just that its service has to be brought into a larger arena of life. Your intellect is meant to serve Knowledge, ultimately, as is your body because who you are is beyond the mind and the body—such a change from what you may have been taught before or seemed to be true, perhaps, but so perfectly natural to who you are.

My final task, as I have said, is to bring the New Message into the world, a task that will involve the assistance and participation of many people. A great task, not an easy task. For there will be much resistance to the New Revelation. All the former Messengers have had to face this, as I will have to face it and am facing it now.

Though my health has been challenged, this year particularly, that’s still my task, and I know it’s important. The steps we’re taking now are part of what has brought you to the Revelation, and what will bring many more people to the Revelation. This is a slow process. But in fact we don’t have much time, for the Great Waves of change are coming to the world. And they will alter the landscape of the world and the life of every person here and of all those yet to come.

So we work within time, within the pressure of time. Time means nothing to God, but to us it means everything—the time of your life, the time that you have. What will you do with that time? How will you spend that time? That’s the challenge before every one of us to face in our own way.

Therefore, what the New Message gives us, then, is the journey that was always meant for us. There’s no manipulation from the outside. It’s simply a Revelation that reveals who we are and what we’re here to do. But that comes slowly and gradually as you are prepared, as things that are unnecessary or stand in the way are recognized and set aside, as you gain the strength and the self-confidence and the courage to take the important steps in your life.

In this way, you find your connection with me and with all others who are doing this, both within the New Message and in every tradition. And this is part of the Great Coordination as well.

May the blessing be with you.