So the process of unburdening is about letting go of things that are unnecessary, harmful or meaningless. Many activities that we do physically and many processes of thought we have are harmful to us, degrading. Why would you ever take any action that would lower how much you value yourself? Or think things that would make you look less than who you are?

So the unburdening is very deep, very…oh, my goodness…Because you can’t get where you’re going from where you are without dismantling at least some of your thinking and behavior and obligations in life. It’s just not possible—at least some, in some cases many, depending on your destiny and where you are in life.

This is not initiated by realization, self-realization. It takes something more powerful like a crisis, like a crisis where you look at your life and you know you cannot live that life anymore. It’s not just that you’re dissatisfied or irritated, or that you know it doesn’t work but you live it somehow. I’m talking about a crisis. Because it takes a crisis to move your life if it hasn’t moved for a long time—takes a Fire of Knowledge. It takes something really strong. Something has to strike you from within; from without, perhaps.

Because you see, people become so acclimated to where they are and how they are that they think they’re okay compared to other people, of course, which is a very low standard. They think they’re okay. You ask them, “How are you?” “I’m okay.” But they’re so not okay. But they’ve acclimated themselves to be a certain way and to see themselves in a certain way to avoid the kind of crisis of conscience that would impel them to make a radical change in their life.

So everyone wants to avoid crisis. But sometimes crisis is the best thing. You could pray and say, “God, bring me to what…give me whatever it takes so that I can set my true path, get on my true path and travel down that path—whatever it takes to set me free to do that.” That’s a powerful prayer. Yeah.

So the beginning is not about acquiring things. It’s not about building up your personality or your ideology or your sense of yourself and your importance in the world. It’s about unburdening. If you’re willing to do that, you create an opening; you create space in your life for new learning and space in your life for Knowledge to fill.

Marshall Vian Summers discusses the process of unburdening things that do not represent your true value or purpose in life. A crisis of conscience can prompt you to make the necessary changes that will get your life moving in a genuine direction. This process of unburdening leads you to true freedom as you take this mysterious freedom journey step by step towards your destiny in the world.

Recorded on the 5th night of the 2020 Steps to Knowledge vigil in Boulder CO, USA.

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