Interviews with Marshall Vian Summers

Marshall has been interviewed dozens of times by media outlets in North America and Europe. His message of a warning, blessing and the gift of preparation to successfully meet the challenge of entering a Greater Community of life in the universe resonates with forward thinking people who can see the bigger picture of the planet and their lives.

Below is a brief resume of Marshall’s older media appearances and interviews over the last two decades.

Coast to Coast AM with
George Noory


ET Interference, May 27, 2009 – Marshall Vian Summers discussed how ET forces are influencing world events and capitalizing on human frailty in order to gain control of Earth. He first received “briefings” from angelic sources known as the “Allies of Humanity” back in 1997, with a second set of material arriving in 2005.

Waves of Change, George Noory, June 9, 2008 – Author & teacher Marshall Summers discussed how humanity has crossed a critical threshold and will have to adapt to a whole new set of circumstances such as economic hardship, climate change, and scarcity of resources.

jeff renseThe Jeff Rense Program with
Jeff Rense

November 18, 2005 – “We have a very interesting program tonight with a man who has not been on here, but who has produced some, well, fascinating material. His name is Marshall Vian Summers, that’s V-i-a-n, last name, S-u-m-m-e-r-s, and the two books we’re primarily going to talk about are The Allies of Humanity, Book 1 and Book 2.”


Awakenings Radio
with Michele Meiche

December 26, 2012

Pete PriceLate Night City
with Pete Price

November 17, 2012

The ‘X’ Zone
with Rob McConnell

July 15, 2012

U.F.O. Undercover
hosted by Joe Montaldo

June 14, 2012


New Dimensions
with Michael Toms

May 12, 2010


World Puja Network
with Maureen Moss

November 27, 2008

The Edge AM
with Daniel Ott

September 13, 2008


KZUM radio Lincoln, NE
with Scott Colborn

August 23, 2008

Marshall MastersCut to the Chase
with Marshall Masters

August 5, 2008


regina meredithConscious Media Network
with Regina Meredith

June 1, 2000