What does religion really ask of you?

Religion has become a palliative. It has become a distraction more than an illumination. It has become something that people use to run away from the world to seek comfort and consolation instead of a preparation to engage in the world in a greater and more profound way.

You are asked to receive, not to judge. You are asked to prepare for the world, not to use religion as a form of escape.

You are asked to honor your deeper nature and to take the Steps to Knowledge so that its reality can become apparent to you.

You are asked to end your ceaseless conflicts and to never think that you can conduct violence here on Earth in the name of God, for that is an abomination. There are no holy warriors. There is nothing holy about war.

You are asked to learn and to prepare for a new world and to prepare for the realities and challenges and opportunities of emerging into a larger arena of intelligent life in the universe.

The Angelic Presence that oversees this world is translating the Will of the Creator into words and application, teachings and commentary that the people of the Earth can understand and apply today and tomorrow and the days to follow.