Mistakes in Life

Do not cast away any aspect of yourself or of your life but bring it into meaningful engagement. In this way, nothing is destroyed and everything is re-employed. Instead of bemoaning your losses or condemning yourself for your errors, you use what you have learned to help others and to gain character, depth and capacity.

I can assure you that the great men and women in the world today and in the past made a great many errors. That is what gave them character and capacity. It is what they did with their errors that made the difference.

Their errors were not good for them because they were not divinely intended. Instead, their errors were used for a divine purpose and became useful as a result. In this way, you do not need to justify your experiences but only use them.

It is how you use them that will determine whether they have any value. And if they cannot be used in a positive way, then they will simply remain as a mark against you in your estimation.