Is there a plan for my life?

You came into this world with a plan intact for who you are to be here, what you are to accomplish, and the most important people you must find, meet and engage with. That blueprint is within you; it is indelible; it is immutable. You can fail to find it, but you cannot change it. Now how you express your true nature, and how this purpose comes into recognition and full expression, and how you meet those key and important people, well, that depends on factors within the world and is unpredictable. But however it can be achieved; it remains your destiny.

Now I am not speaking of the part of you that is your name, the part of you that grew up wherever you grew up, the part impacted by your parents and your family, and went to school wherever you went to school and the personal interests that you have. I am talking about something deeper, greater within you—something deeper and greater that yearns to be discovered and to be expressed and to be shared.