Humanity is not ready for contact [with E.T. aliens]. We’re too adolescent. We’re too divided. There’s no one to speak for all of us. We’re too warlike. We don’t have the species maturity yet to deal with the complexities, sophistication of the Greater Community. So the Allies say no one should be visiting you, absolutely, for any reason. All they can do is send you information that might be helpful to you, but they should not be here on Earth. Point blank. No exceptions. No one’s going to come and save us, and those who say they do are really here to establish themselves here.

We have to save ourselves. Every race in the universe who ever gained freedom had to save themselves. They might have gotten assistance from others, but they had to save themselves. We have to do that. So this is a big reality confrontation for us, the Intervention. It’s a necessary one. It can actually be beneficial to us. Because an Intervention taking place over the entire world is the only thing that can really unite a divided and conflicted humanity in its own defense.

War would cease on this planet if that was the growing understanding. We need each other and all the resources that we have as individuals, as nations, and cultures to be able to establish ourselves as a free race and to resist intervention, and a big part of establishing yourself as a free race is resisting intervention.

This video is excerpted from an interview with Marshall Vian Summers by Levy Carneiro in Brazil, April 2019.