Human Unity and Cooperation Will End War

Human unity now must be driven by necessity and not simply by high ideals. It becomes a practical question as well as an ethical and a moral question. It requires that each individual recognize how they live and to see and to ask themselves: “Is the way I live going to be able to sustain me in the future? And how can I support human unity and cooperation?”

All of your resources—both material, psychological or emotional—will have to be brought to bear to forge a greater union in the human family. This will have to happen within families, within cities, within communities, within nations and between nations.

War will have to be set aside as mutually destructive to all involved. It is no longer an option. You cannot afford it. It cannot be brought to bear. The human family cannot absorb it. It cannot endure it. It will have no resolution.

You are entering a new set of circumstances that will require a far greater commitment not just from governments and leaders, but from people everywhere. The motivation will be practical, moral and ethical. The wealthy will have to live more simply in order for resources to be shared more equitably. The world will have to be cared for far more conscientiously and its resources sustained, or humanity will not have a future. Without this stability, there is no peace. There is no security. There is no well being.

The whole human family has entered a situation now where the stakes are so high there is no room to maneuver. There are no new lands to conquer. The world is being used up. It is filled.

Therefore, humanity cannot behave as it has always behaved. The greater aspects of human nature must now be brought to bear. And its darker aspects must be arrested and controlled and contained. This is the great trial for humanity. This is a great need of humanity.

Humanity has reached a great threshold now. Your ability to survive and to advance will be determined within the next decade. Do not assume that humanity will succeed. Do not give yourself this false confidence. Do not think, “Oh, we’ve been through all these problems before, we’ve always survived, we’ve always managed, we have always pulled ourselves through.” Do not give yourself these assurances. Do not think that because the human spirit is strong that humanity’s success is guaranteed.

You now face competition from beyond the world. There are competing forces seeking advantage here even now. You have never had to face them before. They are not like those who have visited the world from before. They care not for the value of humanity, and freedom is unknown to them. To them this world, and even humanity itself, is only a resource to be used and exploited. Do not think, then, in the face of all this that humanity will continue and advance, for you are not only subject to the risk of decline in the world, you are also subject to the risk of subjugation from beyond.

That is why there is a New Message from God in the world because without this New Message, humanity would not see, it would not know and it would not act appropriately. It would not prepare for a future that will be unlike the past. It will not recognize the gravity of the situation. And it will not alter its course, its direction or its behavior.

This will require strength and courage from each person. Here you cannot be lazy and self-indulgent. Here you cannot be indifferent or ambivalent. For everything you value is at stake. Everything that humanity has ever created that is beneficial is at stake. Everything that you love is at stake. Every person. Every place. Everything.

Do not assure yourself in thinking that the town you live in or the country you love or the lovely wilderness that has inspired you or the beauty of nature or the sacred and holy sites will be able to survive under the Great Waves of change and the Greater Darkness that is in the world.