Regarding what we must do, there are some very important things here. The first step is awareness and education. Let us be aware that we are facing an intervention. It is not a visitation. It fails all the requirements for visitation and it exemplifies intervention in all respects.

Education. We need to learn about life in the universe. What can they teach us about that? Well, in this case, our source, God, is teaching us about that. There’s a New Message for Humanity. So, our education here is really important and when you begin to have it, things start to make sense. You begin to understand, ok this is why this is what is happening; this is why it’s happening.

So, what it looks like is how it’s manifesting. How are we going to prepare? That’s the fourth question. Why is it happening, what is happening, why is it happening, what does it mean, and how do we prepare?

Well, nobody knows how to prepare. That is why the Allies of Humanity briefings were given along with the New Message for humanity, so we can learn to prepare. And at the center of this preparation is the power of knowledge that lives within us and gives us the eyes to see and the ears to hear. It is internal, so it’s fearless. It cannot be overcome by influence or persuasion. It can’t be overcome by grief or loss or tragedy.

It is the core of our strength, our purpose, our destiny and our reason for being in the world – things that cannot be discerned at  the level of the personality.

So, is this a tragedy for Humanity? Could be. Or does it represent an upgrade for Humanity? I’ll go with the upgrade because that’s what it really is. People don’t advance because they want to advance but because they must: facing real circumstances, real challenges, real needs.

So all things of value have been established not from wishing and wanting, but from what must be done. And here are things that must be done. We must recognize the intervention as an intervention. We must gain education about it and about
life in the universe and what has sent it here. What its strengths and weaknesses are, how to respond, what to listen to within ourselves, so we know how to be strong and powerful rather than weak and easily manipulated.

It’s a challenge to each person who can respond. That is why this is focused on the individual and not trying to change governments or trying to change whole populations of people. This is a calling for individuals, particularly people who have a  greater community connection, a natural affinity for life in the universe. It’s a good place to start when we talk about preparation.

This excerpt is taken from an interview with Marshall Vian Summers by Levy Carneiro in Brazil.