The Problem of Ambivalence

the problem of ambivalence

So I’d like to speak briefly on the problem of ambivalence, which is a common aspect of mental illness in the world today, particularly amongst wealthy people, or comfortable people. So in terms of moving forward in all the things that we’re talking about in the Vigil, and certainly in considering what a mission-based life […]

From Independence to Interdependence

from independence to interdependence

We all start out being dependent as infants, children, young adults. Some people never grow out of that; then their relationships are based on dependence. They may not like who they’re with; they may not like what they’re doing, but they’re dependent. And so they will stay there, unless they can escape those situations and […]

The Journey to Greater Service

Called to Greater Service

The journey to a greater service means that you’re called to give something, not necessarily what you want to give, but what the situation calls for from you.

Why is Religion Important?

why is religion important?

Religion is important, particularly in giving people a beginning structure within which to work, which includes a spiritual practice, a spiritual understanding, hopefully a very beneficial way of looking at the world a new understanding of yourself and the fact that you’re here evolving spiritually, that you’re not merely a sinner that is trying to please God so you’ll be saved.

The Crisis: Getting Consumed by the World

the crisis is being consumed by the world

The crisis can be experienced if you ask yourself: “Am I living the life I know I was meant to live? Am I living the life I know I was meant to live? Or am I being consumed by the world?” People who are really suffering are living this crisis.