How Does the Mystery Move within the Manifestation of Life?

The Mystery of Life

For the part of you that lives in the Mystery needs the part of you that lives in Separation, so that it can give its great gifts to the world through you. And the part of you that’s living in Separation needs the part of you that is living in the Mystery, so you can give your true gifts to the world

To Want the Truth Beyond Comfort and Consolation

want the truth

You almost have to know and want the truth beyond comfort and consolation. You have to have a need for it. “I need this. I need to know what I’m doing in this world. I don’t want to stumble into the future the way I’ve stumbled in the past. I don’t want to lose years […]

Becoming More Objective with Yourself During the Isolation of COVID19

Becoming more objective with ourself

The isolation that many people are having to experience is perfect for getting your own life in order, getting your own thoughts in order, getting yourself into place. You could be more objective about your circumstances. Because what we’re experiencing today is going to have big consequences downstream—work consequences, social consequences. We don’t know how […]

How Are You Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

How are you responding?

Preparation here is the critical thing. To try to simply understand this or define it or create a solution for it in our own imagination, it is something we really need to prepare for. And to prepare involves understanding, recognition, the power of Knowledge and taking action. So I’d like you to consider for a […]

Feeling the Suffering of the World during COVID-19

Feeling the Suffering of the World

We will feel our own suffering and we will feel the suffering of the world. I mean, if you’re going to become self-aware, you’re going to become aware of the suffering of others. You just don’t want to be flooded or overwhelmed with that. You know, I find that one of the antidotes to suffering […]

Set Aside the Illusion of Control During a Pandemic

the illusion of control

A pandemic is a real world event. It’s not just a philosophical event or a psychological event or a spiritual event, even. You have to first treat it as a physical event that is happening whether you want it or not. No matter what you believe about it, it’s out of your control. You do […]

How Not to Get Swept Away During a Pandemic

Don't get Swept away by pandemic

So if we look and listen and try to tune out all of the artifact, the worthless information around us, to try to tune in to what we see is coming without trying to get value from it or get validated by it, you can actually see things that are emerging. It might be a […]

How to Manage Fear

Manage Fear

There’s legitimate fear and there’s illegitimate fear, in my view. Legitimate fear is your mind, or even Knowledge, alerting you to the presence of danger. It’s a natural response. If in reality, it’s occurring, it’s appropriate response. So never think that fear is something that you have to overcome or shouldn’t have because you’ll become […]

You Never Want to Say to Yourself: “I Never Saw it Coming”

I Never Saw it Coming.

So you know, don’t be afraid to know things about reality because reality is your friend, if you can embrace it, if you can see it compassionately and gain from it the wisdom that it offers. Not everything that reality gives you is wisdom. But it is preparing you to become stronger and more resilient […]

7 Spiritual Beliefs Debunked

spiritual beliefs

People come here with what I think of as binky beliefs. Binky beliefs. A binky is a pacifier. It’s what you give a baby to make it feel secure, safe and secure, stops crying. “I’m okay now, I’m okay now.” Well, there’s a number of spiritual beliefs and assumptions that fall into this category of […]