See Yourself as Heaven Regards You

How Heaven regards you

How God regards you is so very different from how you regard yourself and others. And throughout the Revelation is this regard for you, that you’re really worth something, that you’re really important, that your life is a meaningful event, with a purpose and a destiny—not your purpose and destiny—a purpose and a destiny. But […]

Real Humility: The Deep, Hidden Strength

real humility

Humility is really something different than what most people think. So this evening i’d like to talk about the difference between false humility and to give you an idea of what true humility really is if words can express that. Certainly, humility as a behavior is something we can see often manifesting in different ways, […]

What You Serve and Why You Serve Is All that Matters

what you serve is all that matters

Steps to Knowledge is really teaching us to think in alignment with Knowledge. So one of the streams of development—and there are several streams in Steps to Knowledge—is to teach us to think almost like Knowledge thinks so the two minds within us can begin to build a bridge and resonate with each other and […]

What’s Holding You Back Are People, Work, Place and Things

What's Holding you back in life

What’s really holding you back are people, work, place and things. You have relationships with all these things that are very predominating in your life. Of course you feel all these internal factors. But trying to work out your internal factors alone is not going to resolve your problem. For many of you, it’s more […]

The Process of Unburdening for True Freedom

The Process of Unburdening

So the process of unburdening is about letting go of things that are unnecessary, harmful or meaningless. Many activities that we do physically and many processes of thought we have are harmful to us, degrading. Why would you ever take any action that would lower how much you value yourself? Or think things that would […]

Dealing with Problems Will Make You Strong

Dealing with Problems Will Make You Strong

So first of all, I just want to emphasize that problems is a part of life and living in the physical reality. Whether you avoid problems, welcome problems, or just dutifully deal with problems really does make a difference in how strong you are to be in a changing world. And so we become more […]

Big Problems Are Journeys with Many Steps

Big problems are a journey with many steps

Every problem that you’re avoiding or deflecting or putting off is costing you energy. You’re losing energy every day. Why do you feel so tired? Why the lack of motivation? Why the lack of inspiration, the lack of your having lots of vitality and enthusiasm? Well, part of that is because you’re losing a lot […]

You Can Only Practice. What Will You Practice?

What will you practice?

I found that the second time I did Steps to Knowledge, it was a very challenging thing on one Step, and I apparently missed it the first time through. But that’s typical for Steps to Knowledge is you only see maybe ten percent of what’s in those Steps the first time through. Second time through, […]

Functional Spirituality in a Changing World

functional spirituality

To be stable in a changing world, you have all four of these Pillars: Relationships; Health; Work; Spiritual development, which is really your connection to Knowledge. In its essence, that’s what creates stability. And you’re only as stable as the weakest of any one of those Pillars. So you can be magnificent in one area, […]

Realizing Great Truths

Realizing great truths

People look at new phenomena, new ideas, new situations, and unless they’re very aware of what they’re doing, they’re going to try to categorize everything to resonate with their current ideas or assumptions. They’re going to look for validation, basically. And that is not what we’re talking about here. It’s better to throw everything up […]