God Has Never Left You

This is how God restores you, gives you clear eyes, freedom from the past. This is how God cleanses your mind and your heart and shows you a way out of your dilemmas, no matter how deep set they may seem to be. This is how God moves through your life and in your life, […]

Sharing Our Authority with God

Sharing authority with God

God gives you authority over your affairs, yet God has authority over your direction. So the authority is shared, you see, at different levels. And this is very confusing for people because they think either they have to take charge of everything or they just give up all authority and let God guide them. And […]

Pure Religion is Based on Experience not Ideology

pure religion is experience not ideology

Pure Religion is really an arena of resolution because when you see that real spirituality and religion is based on experience and not on ideology, not on belief—belief does play a role, but it’s only to be helpful, not to be the ultimate because there are no ultimate beliefs.

Why Is War Waged in the Name of Religion?

Why Is War Waged in the Name of Religion?

Why Is war waged in the name of religion? Why does religion become what it has become over time? And even in present time, where in certain parts of the world there is real war waged in its name? We’re still living in this religion-as-war state.

Why is Religion Important?

why is religion important?

Religion is important, particularly in giving people a beginning structure within which to work, which includes a spiritual practice, a spiritual understanding, hopefully a very beneficial way of looking at the world a new understanding of yourself and the fact that you’re here evolving spiritually, that you’re not merely a sinner that is trying to please God so you’ll be saved.

God of a Billion Races

god of a billion races

God has put the perfect guiding Intelligence within us. Be you religious or not, whatever your faith tradition or no faith tradition, it is there for you. God does not care what religion you belong to as long as it can bring you back and connect you with this Knowledge that I speak of. https://youtu.be/OB5nK_QHSos […]

What Does Religion Really Ask of You?

What does religion ask thumb

Religion has become a palliative. It has become a distraction more than an illumination. It has become something that people use to run away from the world to seek comfort and consolation instead of a preparation to engage in the world in a greater and more profound way. You are asked to receive, not to […]

God Does Not Create Belief

God belief thumb

  God does not create belief. God does not create ideology. God only gives you wisdom and clarity and a high standard to live by. You are either able to adopt these things, or you are not. To adopt them, you must adopt them compassionately, without using them as a weapon to oppress others or […]

The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

powerful force thumb

  Knowledge is the most powerful force in the universe because it’s eternal and it’s connected to God. If it’s eternal, you’re eternal—not like you are today. But Knowledge can overcome these things and is meant to. It is the antidote to Separation. And that is why the New Message gives it such tremendous emphasis. […]

You Can’t Give your Authority to God

  Power, wisdom and authority. You can’t give your authority to God. This is no spiritual welfare here. You can’t wait for God to tell you what to do. You have to claim this responsibility and then you become someone who’s able to function in the world and be of service in the world and […]