This is a crisis. This is how Heaven looks at us living in Separation. There’s no condemnation there, it’s just simply we’ve gone out of communication. “Somehow our emissaries down there, we can’t seem to reach them; they’re not getting back to us. The channel went dead—this person, that person, this person, that person, this person…” Those who are beginning to respond, well, they get consumed by the world.

If we weren’t eternal beings, this would just be the normal course of things. Of course, you get consumed by the world. And you get so consumed that they bury you underground or dispense with you in some other way.

The crisis can be experienced if you ask yourself: “Am I living the life I know I was meant to live? Am I living the life I know I was meant to live?”

We know what the crisis looks like, both in harsh terms and in more subtle terms: anger, hatred, violence, degradation, the destruction of the surface of the earth; more subtle: manipulation, relationships that are not true, people using everything for advantage and everything else…

And there is harmony of…The earth has its own harmony, but it’s only a place we can visit; we cannot reside in permanently. And we’re all here for a purpose. We’ve all been sent here for a purpose. This is why mundane things can never really satisfy us for very long. They don’t satisfy us at the outset. That’s why we keep wanting more of them—more and more and more and more—trying to satiate this need that can’t be satiated at that level.

Even finding a meaningful and purposeful relationship in this world is so exceptional, aside from setting up a household and raising a family, I mean, very exceptional. Something that should be there for everyone is so exceptional, so hard to find. Why is that?

The crisis…I mean the people who are really suffering are in a way being more authentic because the veneer of happiness and stability and serenity and [security] is gone. They’re having a raw experience of the crisis.

But we’re all experiencing the crisis and feeling lost and confused, living a haphazard life, not knowing how to deal with the big world and where it’s going, not even wanting to deal with the big world and where it’s going, seeking escape in innumerable things from dangerous addictions all the way up to lovely pastimes—all escaping, can’t be present for yourself, can’t be present for anyone. Tuned out. Suffering.

So it’s when you begin to recognize your own suffering that you begin to see the need that has to be fulfilled in a greater way. I mean, suffering can bring you back to God, or it can destroy you, depending on how you respond to it.

In this Teaching on May 11, 2019 in Boulder, CO, Marshall Vian Summers speaks on the crisis of separation and how we use all manner of distractions to avoid facing this inner crisis of being consumed by the world.