You have a relationship with the future. Aside from immediate goals, you may not think about it very much, like the next thing you need to do in your work, your education, or what you’re going to do with your house, what you’re going to do with a person. I’m talking about your future and the fact that you have purpose and you have destiny. And honesty will always bring you closer to these things because they’re irrefutable and, at some level, cannot be denied.

Then you’ll want to know the truth because the truth will bring you closer to that purpose and that destiny. If the world is going here, “Okay, I’m going there, too,” which is true anyway. And you begin to think about your life now within a larger context, which will moderate some of your desires and change some of your thoughts and beliefs but will give you a better grounding in where you’re going and what you’re about to invest yourself in, which is a good thing.

The New Message says that destiny is everything in relationships, in work, in health, service, purpose, meaning and direction because beneath our intellect is a blueprint of where we need to get to in life, generally. Taking into account the vicissitudes of life and the changing conditions of the Earth, there’s a rendezvous that must happen, there’s places of realization that must take place, and there’s encounters that will be very meaningful to you.

So we’re all in that boat now and at some point, you’ll look at this revelation, The Great Turning Point, which seems so strong and dire and urgent, and you’ll say, “Yes, I want to do that. I want to do that. That’s got my name on it. That speaks to me,” instead of everything that proceeds that was, “I don’t know. Well, maybe, but you know, it could be different. And technology will probably solve it. And, you know, we need a new president and that will probably get us down the road.” You get out of this kind of meaningless dialogue with yourself, self-pacification. You say, “Wow, this is it. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how I’m gonna do it. I don’t know where to go.”

But see that’s fine. You don’t create the journey. You just need to get on the journey. You will need to navigate the journey, which is taking care of your life and all the affairs of your life and making decisions and being accountable for them. But the journey is…It has already set a direction for you, not just a specific road you have to walk because the Earth is too changeable for that to be reliable.

Just can you get to this point and meet these people within a certain amount of time? And Knowledge within you is all about getting you there, which is not a life of quiet contemplation or serenity. It’s action. Purpose and destiny mean action. Otherwise, it’s just a nice idea. You can feel warm and fuzzy about it, but nothing is going to happen from it.

So that’s my message for tonight—purpose and destiny. And this is what saves you in the end because as long as you can bridge that gap within your lifetime, in a meaningful way…And the Earth around us is now becoming a force for this also because if we all lived in quiet suburbia, nothing would be happening. We would be slumbering in listless self-satisfaction. We’d be dreaming. We would not be here.

So in a way, they said this because ultimately this will be true for you. And the people you will meet and what you will do will be the source of your reconciliation internally, your healing internally, your escape from the past and the elevation of your real skills. And it will not be conferred upon you. You will have to build it and earn it and acquire it.

Marshall Vian Summers discusses your ability to be with the needs of the future–to meet the people you need to meet and be in the right places to access your true purpose and destiny. This was part of a teaching broadcast to the world at the Messenger’s Vigil in Boulder, Colorado on January 25th, 2020.