So…people will ask, Why is this (alien invasion) happening now? Why not a hundred years ago or 30 years ago? Why now? Well, there are two answers to this. This is given by the Allies Briefings and the New Message Revelation. These are not my ideas.

First, we are despoiling the world that is valued by others, despoiling it at a rate that will make the natural value of this world decline. We all know this. We all see this. But the level of decline may be far greater or faster than we might realize.

And now we’ve changed the atmosphere of the planet. That will change everything. I’m not going to go into that realm tonight because it’s a big realm, but it’s the primary reason that we are being visited today.

There’s a second reason why today is the day. And that is we have created an infrastructure of communication and commerce that they can use. This was not possible 40 years ago.

Of course, we give this a much more enlightened meaning because that’s what we want this to be. We want it to validate our spiritual ideas and beliefs. We want to feel good about this.

I don’t want you to feel bad about this because this is not about love and fear. This is about seeing clearly. What am I looking at? What really matters?

This is the biggest event in human history. You should leave no stone unturned to understand it.

In this teaching given at a conference in Peruíbe, Brazil, Marshall Vian Summers discusses 2 reasons why an alien invasion of Earth is occurring today.