Our planet is what the Allies of Humanity call a “gem in the universe,” a magnificent planet of biological diversity, of temperate climate, immense resources, highly habitable—if you can breathe the atmosphere—a biological storehouse in the universe of barren worlds. I mean, there are not many Earth-like planets out there compared to the number of celestial bodies that actually exist.

So I mean, it’s like a gold mine in the middle of a desert. The universe is a vast desert.

So they’re here searching for what all advanced societies search for: resources, worlds of strategic importance and other societies that they can use for themselves for their own benefit—very similar to what happens here on Earth.

I think many people want to feel that the universe is a better place, that with technology comes enlightenment, higher ethics, higher standards. But we know from our experience here on Earth that is not the case at all.

So we’re dealing with reality here but just on a vastly greater scale, many more different participants, a nonhuman universe where freedom is rare and where power is exerted in many different ways that we don’t really understand, and that power is being exerted upon the Earth at this time, increasingly with each passing day.

So they want what we have: a rich, beautiful planet. But they can’t breathe the atmosphere. They cannot live here. They cannot survive here on the surface. And that is why they need us as part of that resource.