Look at the history of intervention in our world. What happened to the native peoples who could not see or discern who was coming over the horizon in their tall ships? Who was stepping onto their land? What they were really there to do? Whether they came in a warlike manner or in a peaceful manner, what were they really there to do? What did they promise? What did they offer? What were they really there to do?

Let the lessons of intervention from my own world history, our own national histories, teach us the wisdom that we need to bring to this greater phenomenon because we are now the native peoples of this one world, all of us, facing Intervention from forces we do not recognize or understand. Are we just replaying history here on a global scale?

Let us not be foolish and think that promises of wealth, power or spiritual fulfillment can be just given to us as a promise by forces we do not even know, who will not reveal themselves, their activities or their purpose to us. This is where humanity can grow up.

We’re in kind of an adolescent stage, you know, the human family as a whole. I mean, there are wise individuals everywhere. But as a whole, we’re sort of adolescent. Everyone’s out for themselves. They’re competing with each other, fighting each other even over trivial things. Even our religions are fighting each other. We’ve been fighting each other the whole way. And now we come upon a threshold that’s going to require us to unite for own defense against a greater force that can undermine us subtly over time, but very deeply. That’s the Intervention.