I’m here today to talk about war, what causes war, and the two things that ultimately and imperatively can end war within our world.

As we know the pulse for war increases when times become difficult, when nations struggle, when we as individuals struggle. We tend to blame others for our suffering; it’s a human tendency. Leaders of nations tend to blame other nations for their own people’s suffering, which is another tendency.

So we have a reoccurring pulse towards war. And you can feel this today and see it, for the signs are everywhere, as if we forgot about the last war and its horrors, its tragedy, its destruction. And we begin to think about war as being purposeful, as being meaningful, as being productive, or as a means of preventing worse situations from happening. This is a reoccurring tendency towards war. You can see it building within public opinion. You can see it amplified in leaders’ statements and commentaries. It’s as if we have an appetite for war that lives as a potential within us, both individually, personally, and through whole nations of people. And given enough stimulation, enough redirection, this appetite can be directed into real conflict.

Certainly individuals–leaders–but even nations have scores to settle with other nations. Scores go way back. They run deep for many. Certain things trigger this appetite for war. Certain things activate our desire for revenge or to settle scores. Certain things begin to mount. They drive people to reconsider something that should never be considered, ever. In our world today we’re facing a world of diminishing resources where nations will find it very difficult to grow and to expand; where the earth’s capacity to carry the human family is being fulfilled and exceeded. We’re entering a situation where more and more people will be drinking from a slowly shrinking well, a reality that we have created over time, but that lives with us today and will grow in the future as we proceed. It is inescapable. It is with us now.

This is putting nations and people everywhere under increasing stress and duress. On top of that we have the threat of great climatic change, environmental change; change that is so costly and destructive. And we have seen this dramatically expressed in the world recently, putting tremendous stress upon nations and people everywhere, going on all over the world. As we face the world whose climate is changing, our planet is growing warmer. It’s altering the climates of the world, the patterns of climates, the effect on our ability to produce food; producing super storms, super weather events that are tremendously costly in all ways to us.

And even at this time leaders tend to try to divert their people’s attention away from the tragedy and the difficulties that are mounting within their countries to oppose other countries, to amplify distrust or historical vendettas, or cultural differences, religious differences, so forth. Yet while war is blamed on politics and religion so often, it is really about resources.

And resources is what the world is facing now as a[n] ever-growing dilemma. The pressure upon nations, communities, individuals will all escalate in the face of this growing need for resources that cannot be fulfilled from a finite planet without further degrading it, without further great costs to people and the wellbeing of people. Consider this quote from the book, The Great Waves of Change:

The great conflicts that will emerge and the great danger of war will all be masked by politics and religion when, in fact, the conflict is over resources.

In a world of a growing population, in a world of diminishing resources you can begin to see the great dilemma that this creates; and the great impetus towards competition, conflicts and war. This competition is growing in our world today. It’s growing within countries and between countries—as people’s wellbeing continues to be sacrificed, as people lose their jobs, their work, their careers, the forces beyond their control; as the cost of living goes up and up, as people cannot make ends meet. We see this even in the wealthiest nations and, tragically, to extreme proportions in the poorer nations.

Tension is mounting. The pressure is building. Here the desire that people naturally have for peace and reconciliation becomes overshadowed by their fear and their anger and frustration, which tends to lead them to elect dangerous leaders in power who will take advantage of these emotions, these fears, this anger and frustration. Such is the world of greater disorder and disunity we are now entering with each passing day. And that is part of the dilemma that we face together, all of us, everyone in the world. For even the most privileged will find their world becoming ever more chaotic, ever more distressed by the things that I will be sharing with you today.

For there are two things that can finally and ultimately bring an end to human disunity, conflict and war. Nations are under tremendous duress, as I mentioned before, for very prosaic and fundamental reasons, which are rarely discussed; certainly not publicly. They are competing with each other for fundamental resources—in many cases food, water and energy, for example. When these things become in short supply or become challenged, the nations begin to change. When people are facing even the prospect of future deprivation, they tend to retreat into their tribes, their nations, their groups. Nationalism begins to become emphasized. The threat of other people becomes emphasized: “us against them.” And then people become frightened and they withdraw. They become less accepting, less tolerant, less egalitarian. They become fearful and suspicious. And as I said before, that tendency to blame others for our suffering, whether it be current suffering or future suffering, becomes amplified and manipulated and used.

But I want to make this point very clear because our nominal and normal aspirations towards peace, our movements towards peace, which are very important and very real, are going to be overshadowed by these greater forces. They are being overshadowed today. Those people who speak of peace and reconciliation—honored they are—but, the forces arrayed against them, the growing forces, are becoming so powerful these voices are overshadowed and are not heard very much anymore. You see this everywhere in the reporting of the news and events that are occurring around the world. This makes people highly anxious and afraid. And again, here their fear, their frustration, their concern become something that is used politically and is manipulated for other reasons.

That is why there are only two things in the world today that could unite humanity and bring an end to war—only two—given all these other realities. It’s not enough to say we should not fight, or we should accept each other, or we should honor each other individually and between nations and groups and religions. But when these other forces escalate it creates such a powerful undercurrent of conflict and the potential for conflict. So the two things I’m going to talk about today are rarely discussed in the world, particularly together.

The first one I’ll start with is fairly well known because it’s spoken of often but not as in terms of being a force that can prevent war. The first thing we’re facing is a changing world, a changing planet. We have set in motion the forces of change to alter our climate and, with our climate, every aspect of our life: food, water, energy, our ability to grow, our ability to be stable. Human civilizations evolved under very stable climate and environmental conditions over the past 10,000 years. That has enabled civilization to grow. And when those conditions have been altered from time to time over that period of time, civilizations have fallen, have crashed, have come apart—many parts of the world.

These are not acts of God. This is humanity’s ability to survive in a complex society in the natural world. Change the natural world and you change our ability to survive, ultimately. The New Message teachings tell us that humanity will lose a great proportion of its production in the next few decades; and seas will rise over 100 feet in the next 150 years. It warns us, it tells us what is coming. It is the prophecy of our Source alerting humanity to a crisis far more grave and consequential than anything that we involve ourselves with now, affecting every person on earth. Already today major climate events are affecting vast numbers of people, causing tremendous loss of life, loss of property and destabilization in countries, mass migrations. These are things that are going to grow as we go forward.

But people are blind. Many nations will not speak of these things. People don’t want to face a growing reality in the world that is far more powerful than anything else that we can think of here today. Nations will have to unite and cooperate to protect the wellbeing and stability of their own nations and of other nations facing these Great Waves of environmental change. As I said before, growing numbers of people are drinking from a slowly shrinking well. That slowly shrinking well also has to do with the loss, the losses that we will face and are facing now from these great events. They are occurring with greater ferocity and greater dimensions as we go forward.

Look over the horizon of your life and you will see this happening. Look at the world with clear eyes, without preference and denial, and you will see this happening. This is not about conspiracy. This is not about political agenda. That may all be in the response to these Great Waves of change, but they are happening. We are in the foothills of the Great Waves of change, which means these waves will grow in power, scope and destructive force. The New Message has given us the warning and the clarification of what this will mean, what this will look like, and the necessity that humanity cooperate in order to prepare.

You know, humanity’s greatest moments are when it collaborates in the face of crisis. An earthquake in a country, a great flood in a country: nations provide support; nations come to the aid of other nations. This is what has to happen and will be needed, greatly, in the years to come. This is being amplified around the world today. But many people do not take it seriously or recognize the potency of this and how it can change our world even over the next few decades. Human civilization can fail in the light of these things that I speak of: fail to provide for its citizens; fail to maintain internal organization; and fail to gain any kind of functional unity, which is what we really need in the world today facing these Great Waves of change.

The second thing I will talk about that has the power to unite humanity, above all the things that many people will consider, is something that very few people in the world know about; and that those who do, amongst those who do, very few understand clearly. And this may be more difficult to understand and to accept. But I have to speak of it because it holds such a consequential power for our future and the future of everyone on the earth today and all those yet to come.

This world is a prize in a universe of barren worlds. It’s being observed by others who seek to have dominance here. Already there’s an intervention working in the world behind the scenes, acting surreptitiously in secret, influencing people in positions of power, generating conflict between nations, supporting the breakdown of human civilization to such a weakened point that at some point they will present themselves as the saviors of humanity; even telling their adherents now that only they can save us from our own problems. And human governments, human institutions are far too corrupt and divided to ever meet the real needs of the world. And that a force from beyond is the only hope for humanity. Many people have accepted this and believe in this because they want to believe in it. Having lost faith in themselves, in their leaders, in institutions and governments, they now seek power from beyond the world to intervene. And these powers are here today, taking advantage of this hope and expectation. But it is all a deception.

We’re the native peoples now of this world. And we’ve only to look at the history of intervention in our world to see what has happened to the native peoples who faced intervention from other groups from other parts of the world at real turning points in the world’s development and evolution; that we are now the native peoples of this one world facing an intervention that is using guile and deception to gain a dominance in this world without the use of force. This world is far too valuable to other nations to risk it in a state of conflict. Humanity is diminishing in the face of this. Human will, human faith, human cooperation is diminishing in the face of this intervention to cast this influence over many more people with each passing day. Their goal is not to eliminate us but to use us, for they cannot breathe our atmosphere. They cannot live in our world for reasons only the New Message is revealing at this time. For the New Message is opening the doors to the reality of life in our local universe so we can understand the intervention that is occurring in the world today with clear eyes, using our native wisdom and understanding to see this clearly without projecting our fears or our preferences, our ideology, even our religion, upon an event that is part of nature itself, for intervention is part of nature itself.

Throughout human history there has been intervention from one culture to another. And now we’re facing intervention from the universe around us. You cannot call it a “visitation,” for these forces were not invited here. They never claim their purpose for being here. They’ve never revealed their activities for being here. And yet they’re being witnessed all over the world by everyday people, by military forces, by radar. Everything is giving evidence to their presence here. And yet they cast a persuasion over humanity to believe that they are here to help us, to serve us, to guide us, even to save us.

This is the hidden threat that overshadows all people in all nations. It is a threat equally directed at everyone in the world today. For the only things that can unite humanity now are not goodwill or good wishes or a united religious vision, because that’s not going to happen. Nothing is going to unite us but a problem so great, so threatening, so overshadowing, that nations will have to concede their ancient animosities, or their political advantages, or whatever else leads us into conflict with one another.

What I speak of here today are the two greatest threats to human freedom, human unity, human stability and human sovereignty in this world. For should humanity fail, should human civilization decline to a point where it cannot function, there are other forces that are here to displace us and to take advantage of our ever increasing disunity, our ever increasing inability to support ourselves, to maintain our structures. Never think this cannot happen, for it has happened countless times in the universe around us, and has happened countless times within our own world. This is something that we always have to be aware of.

For worlds such as ours are rare in the universe, according to the New Message. We are stewards of this world. But we’re divided and we’re destroying the wealth of this planet. We’re destroying our ability to live here into the future. This is bringing about intervention. With the advent of nuclear weapons this intervention has now increased, for humanity’s ability to destroy the value of this world and destroy ourselves as a potential workforce for others is being increasingly threatened, even at this very moment.

I recommend that you not dismiss this. In fact, it holds the key to our future. For our destiny is to emerge into a Greater Community of life in the universe. And our destiny is also to become a free and self determined race in this universe where freedom is rare, something that humanity could not understand on its own.

This is the part of the Revelation from the New Message that has been given to prepare humanity for the great change that is coming to our world, and for its encounter with intelligent life in the universe; a change on a scale never seen within the time of human civilization, a level of change that will affect every person on earth, rich or poor, every faith tradition. It is part of nature, you see. It is part of a reality that’s even bigger than our ideals, or our philosophies or theologies.

We are now the native peoples stewarding a beautiful planet desired by others. They will not destroy us, but they will seek to use us. And they are present in the world today. It’s a very secretive force carrying out its influence in halls of power and religion, commerce and government; affecting certain selected individuals there; encouraging strong nations to become engaged in intractable conflicts to weaken them; engendering terrorism amongst disenfranchised peoples in the world; acting to undermine our strength, our resilience and our hope for unity.

They, too, are here because of the Great Waves of change, because it’s a common thing in the universe that nations will outstrip their natural resources; this happens repeatedly. They are here because of that as well. This is their opportunity to gain ascendancy in the world without the use of force. They do not want a human population to resist them or to fight them. For their numbers are small; our numbers are great. We can live in this world; they cannot.

What I’m sharing with you today is revealed in the New Revelation that the Source of all life is sending into the world now; a Revelation providing things we have never seen and known before that are greatly needed in our world today; a New Revelation that speaks to the spiritual power that lives within each person, the power to see and know the truth, the power that God has put there, waiting to be discovered within each person who has the opportunity and the encouragement to discover it.

You see, our world isn’t just our world. It is part of a Greater Community of life. And they’re greater spiritual powers in the universe that want to see our destiny as a free and self-determined peoples realized, fulfilled and secured. But to do that we’re going to face competition from beyond. We’re going to face intervention from beyond. We’re going to have to
become united and cooperative with one another here on earth, at a level not established before. It is needed now above all things.

So do not feel the pulse of war. Do not follow the appetite for war. Do not seek revenge. Do not seek to arm yourself relentlessly against others. For the great threat facing humanity, the great conspiracy against humanity, is being played out by forces from beyond the world seeking to utilize all of our conflicts, our distrust, and our fragility for their purpose, and not for ours.

The Revelation explains these things in great detail beyond what I can share with you today. I can only pray and encourage you to step away from the edge of war and conflict within yourself and to advocate this for others, while understanding that the two great challenges to human freedom and existence are the very two things that can unite us, bring our greater strengths and resources together for the preservation of the world, for the freedom and self-determination of the human family, for our future in a universe full of intelligent life, which we are only now beginning to face. The New Message has given us the tools to do this, the wisdom to do this and the internal power through the power of this Knowledge that lives within us to do this. It’s not merely a philosophy or a perspective. This is Revelation given at a time when humanity stands at the perilous brink of decline, of conflict and of subjugation as we go forward.

I call you, then, away from the edge of war within yourself, the edge of war with others. I call you away from being consumed by human corruption, to explore the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world and the great, the Greater Community presence in the world today, which holds the secret to our future, our success or our failure. Only this can be revealed through a Revelation from our Source. And this is occurring now. This is why I am here. This is what I encourage you to explore. I’m not asking you to believe. But I am encouraging you to explore, to learn, to step out of the boundaries of normal human preoccupation and assumptions into a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe, and what that means for humanity as we stand at the boundary to this greatest event in human history that is now upon us.

May the blessing be with you. May the power that God has put within you be with you. And may you find the way to discover it, for the way has been given now as never before.