If you’re doing the work you really need to be doing, if your life is moving where it needs to go, at some point if it’s purposeful, if it’s meaningful, if it’s right, others will come to associate with you, naturally. But that is the journey to take. And I think that most great relationships come into maturity later in life and they’re the product of people taking a greater journey within themselves prior to their engagement.

You can’t replicate where we’ve come from in this reality. You can’t find the level of fulfillment and inclusion that we naturally experience beyond this place living in Separation. And that’s why the romantic ideal is so inflated and so potent in people’s minds is that they’re going to try to fill the void of living in Separation through one person, and it’s just never going to happen. And the thrill of that is quickly lost when two people try to live a real life together.

Marshall gives a teaching on relationships and Higher Purpose, August, 2019 in Boulder CO, USA. In this segment, he speaks about the common error of trying to use the romantic ideal to fill the void that living in Separation may create.