Up until maybe 20 years ago, there was legitimate UFO research. But most of that research has been overtaken by conspiracy theories, which again turns us against each other, turns us against our leaders, turns us against our institutions. And certainly generating war and conflict or promoting it in some way or influencing it in some way, sets us against each other. It weakens the strongest nations in the world.

Why has America gotten involved in intractable conflicts that it could not win, but which weakens it, where it loses stature in the eyes of the world, sets its own population in conflict with itself? I mean, there is strategy here. This isn’t just…we make our own mistakes, certainly, and we are full of corruption, certainly. But the Intervention is here to turn us against each other. And it’s succeeding—more fracturing in the world today, old alliances breaking up, populations are suffering because of the Great Waves of change, loss of resources, loss of wealth, loss of opportunity.

This is the environment in which humanity can be overtaken. We’re not that strong and we’re becoming weaker as we go forward. But we have the strength to overcome [ET alien] Intervention. I’m going to really emphasize that as we go forward.