You Can Only Practice. What Will You Practice?

What will you practice?

I found that the second time I did Steps to Knowledge, it was a very challenging thing on one Step, and I apparently missed it the first time through. But that’s typical for Steps to Knowledge is you only see maybe ten percent of what’s in those Steps the first time through. Second time through, […]

Functional Spirituality in a Changing World

functional spirituality

To be stable in a changing world, you have all four of these Pillars: Relationships; Health; Work; Spiritual development, which is really your connection to Knowledge. In its essence, that’s what creates stability. And you’re only as stable as the weakest of any one of those Pillars. Marshall Vian Summers teaches functional spirituality and […]

How Does the Mystery Move within the Manifestation of Life?

The Mystery of Life

For the part of you that lives in the Mystery needs the part of you that lives in Separation, so that it can give its great gifts to the world through you. And the part of you that’s living in Separation needs the part of you that is living in the Mystery, so you can give your true gifts to the world

To Want the Truth Beyond Comfort and Consolation

want the truth

You almost have to know and want the truth beyond comfort and consolation. You have to have a need for it. “I need this. I need to know what I’m doing in this world. I don’t want to stumble into the future the way I’ve stumbled in the past. I don’t want to lose years […]

7 Spiritual Beliefs Debunked

spiritual beliefs

People come here with what I think of as binky beliefs. Binky beliefs. A binky is a pacifier. It’s what you give a baby to make it feel secure, safe and secure, stops crying. “I’m okay now, I’m okay now.” Marshall Vian Summers dispels several popular spiritual beliefs that many people tell themselves to […]

The Problem of Ambivalence

the problem of ambivalence

Ambivalence is the thing that deflates you. It’s where the lights go out in you. It’s where you stop. Not sure. How do I know? What do I do? Where do I go? As if something would have to be so perfect for you to choose it that otherwise, you just are kind of neutralized. […]

From Independence to Interdependence

from independence to interdependence

We all start out being dependent as infants, children, young adults. Some people never grow out of that; then their relationships are based on dependence. They may not like who they’re with; they may not like what they’re doing, but they’re dependent. Marshall Vian Summers discusses the stages of dependence, independence and interdependence, with […]

The Journey to Greater Service

Called to Greater Service

The journey to a greater service means that you’re called to give something, not necessarily what you want to give, but what the situation calls for from you.