Revealing the Alien Colonization Strategy | MUFON

Alien Colonization Strategy

Marshall points to the truth of our time on Earth, comparing the history of conquest and colonization to the present day alien invaders. A clip from the Q&A section of MUFON keynote, as part of a historical release series of the work of Marshall Vian Summers.

Approaching the UFO Phenomenon | Theology of Contact | 2005 MUFON

Approaching the UFO/UAP Phenomenon

Much of the speculation that has occurred around contact with other forms of intelligent life has projected, I think, a set of ideas which we must question  ~ Marshall Vian Summers,  2005 MUFON.  Watch Marshall’s full speech, here.

An Early Warning of a Silent ET Invasion | MUFON

ET invasion

In this MUFON keynote speech clip, Marshall calls out the non-military invasion of ET races on our planet and their pursuit of resources. Within his speech is a warning of a spiritually-bereft intervention by technologically advanced societies.  Humanity continues to be in a vulnerable predicament today with our romance with technology. What will change our […]

ET Contact is the Greatest Event of Our Lives

uap disclosure

Marshall Vian Summers presents in a 2005 MUFON conference on the extraterrestrial presence and its connection to events in the world. This talk is being shared now as part of a historical, media release series. Marshall has been speaking for decades on the UAP presence, encouraging us to focus on seeing the phenomenon clearly and […]

The Hidden Reality of ET Contact: Strategies and Agenda

The hidden reality of ET contact: strategies and agenda.

We have this hidden reality in our world that’s actually monumental. We think of it as peripheral to our interests and even to the major events happening in the world today. But it is not peripheral. It’s actually deeply involved. We should never accept technology from an alien force. Ever. Ever. I don’t care how […]

A Polarized World Facing ET Contact and Great Change

A polarised world facing ET contact

The things I will speak of are things that are really important in clarifying this picture and separating it from the tremendous amount of confusion and controversy around this subject, and perhaps give us a much clearer view, a much more direct understanding of who is here, why they’re here and how we should respond. […]

The Era of Covert ET Invasion: Divide and Conquer

ET Invasion

We think an intervening force is a grand armada of ships that is going to come and just destroy the place. No. That’s not how things work in the universe. Advanced races don’t do that. That’s why they’re advanced—the power of persuasion. I think this is our moment. And it’s not just a moment because […]

Resource Wars, Destabilized Climate and the UFO Connection

Resource Wars, Destabilised Climate and the UFO Connection

The condition of the world has actually brought visitation and Intervention here. Why? Because worlds like ours are so rare in the universe. Beautiful terrestrial planets with a grand diversity of life in a universe of barren worlds—my goodness. So certainly, when this begins to happen—and this happens perhaps often when technological races begin to […]

The Long-term Alien Colonization Project

colonization of Earth

When humanity begins to wake up to what is happening in our world, in our lives, we have the power to drive this away, not even by force, but by consensus. The Intervention in the world today is relying entirely upon our submission and our willingness to give in to it. It has no power […]