Marshall Vian Summers presents in a 2005 MUFON conference on the extraterrestrial presence and its connection to events in the world. This talk is being shared now as part of a historical, media release series. Marshall has been speaking for decades on the UAP presence, encouraging us to focus on seeing the phenomenon clearly and not wanting it to be anything other than truly is.


I’d like to welcome you all and thank you for coming. My name is Marshall Vian Summers. I’d like to take this opportunity in the next 45 minutes to an hour to present some things to you that I think are very important given the subject of ufology and how it connects with every aspect of our life and our future.

For the last 20 years, I have been in the process of studying and receiving a very unique body of work called The Greater Community Way of Knowledge. And before that I had been a spiritual teacher and a counselor. Prior to that I was a special ed teacher, educator for the blind. For the past 20 years, however, I’ve been involved in really in private with a small group of students studying a different kind of Knowledge and wisdom, a Knowledge and wisdom that I have not seen elsewhere in the world. I’m not claiming to be the only person who knows some of these things, but it was certainly something very unique, something that I had never seen before, had never read before, had never heard before—much of it. While there is Knowledge and wisdom that is universal and timeless, there are certainly things we need to know at this turning point in our history. And perhaps some of the things that I’ll be able to share with you today in the short amount of time we have together will illustrate some of these things and why they’re important now.

My role is basically one—for want of a better word—of a mystic and a seer. I have been called many other things, of course, but I think that most aptly describes the work that I do, and particularly the work that I do now. My connection to the field of ufology really has to do with the spiritual implications of Contact, the theology of Contact, how this will change and affect the way we see ourselves and our world, and certainly the spirituality of the universe around us which I call the Greater Community—described as the Greater Community of intelligent life.

And by Greater Community, I don’t mean a big happy family out there. I don’t want to give the indication that it’s all united and in concert with each other, but rather an immensely diverse array of intelligent life representing every stage of evolution and countless expressions beyond anything we could even speculate about. Much of the speculation that has occurred around contact with other forms of intelligent life has rejected, I think, a set of ideas which we must question out of our practical and innate wisdom. And I’m going to be talking about innate wisdom today because it’s very important in approaching this phenomenon.

And I’m sure many of you will agree that this is the most important event in human history. I certainly feel that way. And I hope I can make a contribution to understanding what this contact may really look like and may really be based on what has been revealed to me. In my role as a seer, I’m able to gain information that’s out of the ordinary, out of the box of normal human understanding. And I have taken the time to critically evaluate that information and these sources which remain mysterious.

I feel that to bring this kind of perspective into the general conversation is very important because we know from 50 years or more of ufological research that we’re really only able to address, perhaps, the first of four fundamental questions, the first being: What is happening? Why is it happening? What does it mean? And how do we prepare? It’s very important for us to now move on to the second three questions.

I think it’s pretty evident to anyone who intelligently looks at the phenomenon of the extraterrestrial presence in the world, the phenomenon of UFOs, that somebody is flying in our skies and operating here in a clandestine manner, unwilling or perhaps unable to reveal the nature of their purpose here and who sent them and what they are attempting to do; and there’s been a broad range of speculation about those things.

So in my presentation and in my writings, I address these three questions head on. And I’d like to share with you today what has been revealed to me and what I see. And I’ll give—hopefully—a concise presentation since I don’t have a lot of time. And it’s a very big subject and I will not be able to cover every aspect of this topic, certainly, and then open it up for discussion, questions or comments. And I hope you’ll feel free to participate.

It’s become clear to me that there is a greater darkness in the world, a growing darkness in the world, a darkness that in some aspects we can define but in others we can’t. It’s certainly not normal times we’re living in. And I think we feel that within ourselves. We certainly see the signs of extraordinary change and very possible disruption or even catastrophe for the experiment of civilization and for the human family as a whole. Perhaps you yourselves have felt a sense of impending change, a kind of change that leads to anxiety or concern. 

But take a moment now within yourself and consider if this has been your experience; and if it has, what kinds of things are alarming you or concerning you about the direction that humanity is going in and about the condition of humanity today? I’m sure for many of you, certain things come up right away as little cues, as little signs that we’re not only dealing with poverty and war and strife and the normal tribulations of humanity, but there are certainly bigger events afoot. And part of that is the extraterrestrial presence itself seems to in some way be connected to the events that are occurring in the world, and that since the end of World War II, as has been so well documented by Richard Dolan—who I’m glad is here today—in his writings, this presence is growing stronger and stronger and more prevalent, and that the end of that great event, World War II, seems to have been a signal or a sign of great change that would involve forces and groups from beyond the world.

The greater darkness, as I see it, is really a convergence of several very powerful events and changes that seem to be converging all around the same time, any one of which potentially could be extremely serious and concerning. So we have a situation now where our future looks very divisive.

And you know, I’m very much a peace advocate in the sense of encouraging cooperation and unity because that is my theme is human cooperation and unity, but it’s unity born of necessity, not just of a high moral attitude or a personal preference. But it is not a time for peace because it is a time of change, and change and peace don’t go very well together.

Now, I’m not saying I’m justifying war and conflict, but to insist that people and nations be peaceful at a time of such monumental change is a bit, I think, unrealistic and doesn’t take into account what people have to go through to change themselves and to deal with change in their environment. And this greater darkness that I’m describing certainly together represents an immense change in our environment. 

Now we bring in this other element, the extraterrestrial presence in the world today. I’m glad being at this conference I can talk about this freely. It’s often a subject that when I do presentations outside of an environment like this is difficult to broach. But even in this environment it can be difficult because we all have certain ideas and views about what this means as we try to gain an understanding of it and see why we feel so connected to it, why it’s influencing our lives. 

So in the few minutes I have I’d like to talk about this extraterrestrial presence and inform you of what has been shown to me both through teaching in Greater Community Way of Knowledge, which has shown me a Knowledge and wisdom unlike anything I have seen in the world, and also what the Allies of Humanity Briefings have revealed to me. And I took a long time to consider this information because I knew that I would have to represent it. I would have to know is this really true? Am I willing to put my life on the line for this? Because I must tell you, I was called out of a secluded life, an inner life to do this kind of work. I never intended to do this kind of work as perhaps you never intended to do the work that you’re doing right now. 

This was something I felt was…I was called upon to do. It is not an easy message. I’m not here to tell you everything’s going to be fine, the extraterrestrials are going to take care of us and shepherd us through these difficult times. I’m not here to tell you that our future is assured, that the spiritual powers in the universe are going to secure us and protect us and shield us from the very winds of change that we have created as a human family and that are just naturally happening in the world today.

So to follow me into this you have to have a little bit of courage to not feel so safe and secure. In fact, I’d rather you feel uncomfortable because being uncomfortable is the beginning of wisdom. There’s an old saying that no one ever became wise by accident. Being uncomfortable with something is the beginning of really seeing, looking and knowing. When you’re comfortable, you can pad it, you can overlay it, you can assign a value to it and it won’t bother you. And what is that but human denial in all of its many, many forms and expressions? 

What has been revealed to me about the extraterrestrial presence is something, unfortunately, I find not many people are aware of, though in a sense it makes perfect common sense to think about it. And I should preface what I’m about to say by telling you that I recognize that Contact is the most important event of our lives and that we have a great future in space if we can survive and move forward from this period of transition. And I do not not call it a new age. Age is a very long time. Period of transition is probably a better term.

The Allies of Humanity Briefings were sent in a series of two sets of Briefings. And I was prepared to receive them from my study of intelligent life in the Greater Community and the spirituality of that life in the Greater Community. Otherwise, I do not think I could have received this information. I certainly didn’t want to receive it. When you don’t want to receive something you know you must know, that’s usually a pretty good sign that it may have some authenticity.

What the Allies Briefings are showing us is an Intervention at a time of critical disruption in our world, a time that has been building for an Intervention, and an Intervention very different than what you see in the movies or what we may usually think of as Intervention. I think I can say that we’re still a pretty primitive people in the sense that we look at change in a very violent way. We look at interventions in a very violent way because previously that’s how interventions occurred. When the Mongols came over the hill, that was violent and destructive. 

But we’re dealing with very advanced races here that are not primitive in these same kinds of ways, though their intentions may well be the same. And humanity itself has become rather more sophisticated about interventions. The warriors and invaders today carry briefcases and cell phones and laptop computers and offer the native peoples trinkets, televisions, electricity, cell phones, other exciting and tantalizing little things that within a generation—often without fail—will destroy that culture and everything it ever was. Those are the invaders and warriors today within our own human world. Violence is a last resort, not to be preferred. 

So certainly as you become more educated and more advanced, you recognize that the easiest way to win someone over is to convince them that they should be with you, or at least discourage them from resisting—usually a combination of the two. Now, you don’t have to be a military theorist to understand this. We all have tried to make our children do what we want them to do through various forms of persuasion: threats, promises, trinkets, gifts, ice cream, future disaster. Whatever it is, we’ve kind of run the gamut by the time our kids survive their teenage years. So we know about these kinds of things. 

This is not really new. And we know that persuasion of this kind is very powerful. Governments all rely upon it and use it. And I think many of us now see that our freedom is being chipped away on a daily basis, eroded by these very kinds of activities. Not that we should be concerned, of course; things are being taken care of for us. Yes. “Just keep working and spending and believing and it’ll be okay. We’ll find a way for you.” And for most people that’s good enough, unless you just happen to be a rebel kind of person or a free thinker or someone who just isn’t willing to be so pacified, so cajoled, so easily reassured. And I hope I have many of you here in the room with me today. 

There is a real war of the worlds taking place, but it’s not like the movie. It is a silent invasion. It is a carefully planned invasion to gain control of the world and the world’s people. It is being generated not by military forces but by commercial forces. The closest I can describe to those commercial forces, perhaps—and this is not really a very close analogy—would be a multinational corporation who extends its influences all over the world and has many different people from different nations working for it. We know about this. They’re very effective at getting what they want, where they want it. 

The Allies Briefings have really come at a time when we have reached a critical point where we have to see what this is. We can’t spend another 20, 30 years speculating, “Well, I wonder why they’re here? Maybe they’re here to study us. Maybe they’re here to help us. Maybe they’ve been our genetic coaches. Maybe we’re their children, their offspring. Maybe we’re, you know, we’re kind of their spiritual understudies. You know, they’re here to shepherd us into a higher consciousness.” How many people have heard these kinds of views? Tell the truth. Of course! Maybe we’ve even shared these kinds of views because they certainly are much more reassuring than other possibilities. The last thing we need is an extraterrestrial problem right now on top of everything else, yes?

It’s interesting when you look at this history of interventions, these very same kinds of ideas were prevalent in the native peoples. For instance, the projection of spiritual values, spiritual roles: those tall ships out there have come from the spirit world and whoever comes off of them is from the spirit world because beyond the ocean is the spirit world. And this is subliminal thinking, just like beyond the stars is Heaven. So anyone who comes from the stars is coming from Heaven, though we may not intellectually think that. We may say, “Oh well, it’s not Heaven. I don’t believe in Heaven.” Subliminally however, we immediately assign them beneficence, superiority, moral superiority, ethical superiority. These values are assigned automatically with very little question. 

So when I speak at conferences, I hear a lot of criticism of the government because it’s certainly easy to do, certainly is a great big target and a deserving one at that; very little critical evaluation of the extraterrestrial presence. It’s just taken as a thing that’s happening and probably good. And the anthropocentric view, the view of everything being human in the universe, we project that anthropocentric view onto the universe. So the universe is governed by human values, human spirituality. 

And of course, this is what all the native peoples did with the Europeans who were far less different from them than the extraterrestrial presence in the world today. And of course, this enabled those races to be easily conquered, not by advanced technology, not by superior forces, but simply by their own ignorance and by using their own inherent conflicts to overwhelm them. These are classic versions of intervention—classic. This is nature. I’m not making this up. This isn’t a philosophy or a point of view. This is what nature does. If you want something that others have, you can either conquer them and risk destroying what they have that you want, or you can use other methods to gain control. 

So the Allies Briefings have come to warn an unsuspecting people that our world is greatly valued by others and that the time has come where we have built the infrastructure that others can use: worldwide communications, mineral extraction, global community of a sort; also at a time where this is the time to intervene before we wreck the planet, before we destroy the property, before we damage what others would want for themselves. 

And this Intervention that’s been going on behind the scenes in a very surreptitious manner has been building for a long, long time. And so the Allies Briefings…and I’d like to read a couple passages from this. This is the first set of Briefings which I have highly marked as you can see. This is from the Second Briefing: The Challenge to Human Freedom:

You are emerging into a mature and complicated set of circumstances. Here you cannot be like little children and believe and hope for the blessings of all whom you may encounter.” 

They go on to say:

“We come not to incite fear but to provoke a sense of responsibility.” 

“The promise of greater power, greater technology and world domination will intrigue and incite many individuals. And it is these individuals with whom the visitors will seek to establish a liaison.”  

So let me just try to clarify a few points about the Allies since there’s always questions about who are the Allies and how are they different from those who are here and how can we trust what they say and isn’t this just another form of deception and all these kinds of things. These are all questions I certainly struggled with when I began to receive these communications that were very different from anything I ever experienced before and certainly were not the result of, you know, my desire for contact. 

The Allies of Humanity represent a small group of individuals from several worlds who have been witnessing the Intervention for over a decade. They’re not here in the world. They’re not here to seek contact with us. They’re not here to seek establishing any kind of diplomatic relations, trade or anything like that. They’re just here to witness what’s happening and tell us and to send their report, which they’ve done in these two series of Briefings. And within these Briefings they try, I think with some difficulty, to describe our local universe, what we need to know about our local universe. Because it’s not, you know, not groups of celestial beings out there floating around, you know, blessing the Earth. 

We happen to live, according to the Allies Briefings, in a very well-inhabited part of the universe where trade is conducted on a large scale and there are rules of conduct for all nations that exist here, which is not true in other areas of our galaxy which are not well inhabited or well charted. 

Within this region, if I could call it that, there are certain prohibitions about what one nation can do to another. And these are governed not by an empire but by trade associations that govern routes of trade. So we don’t have a galactic empire. Sorry, no galactic brotherhood, no galactic group of enlightened nations out there. All nations that trade have to obey these rules. 

And one of these rules, according to the Allies, which was new to me, is that invasion is not allowed. You cannot invade another nation or you bring down on yourself massive retribution. And this is to maintain a law and order. It’s kind of a “You can do what you want in your own worlds, but you cannot go off and conquer others that are inhabited unless it appears that the natives of that world welcome and accept your presence.” And the Intervention, as I said earlier, is not made up of military forces but of commercial forces. They’re here to do business. And we are part of the business. 

And like all good interveners in the past, in the recent past at least, they seek to use what we believe and expect and to prey upon our conflicts with one another. That allows a very small force to overcome a much larger force without the use of weapons and without anything looking like invasion. I’m not asking you to believe this, but I do want you to consider it. Because sometimes people say, “Well, if they’re not blowing us up, they must be our friends.” You know, “If they’re not attacking us, then they must be our friends.” But I think that’s an unwise conclusion to come to. There’s many ways to turn somebody, to persuade someone or to gain control of what they have. Certainly we see human beings endeavoring to do this in any number of ways amongst ourselves and with each other and between nations and so forth—all kinds of uses of leverage and persuasion and all the kinds of things we do with our kids at one time or another but on a much bigger scale, of course. 

So one of those rules is you cannot invade. If you invade then all your competitors come down on top of you and you basically get taken to some kind of court, or you know, you cease to have trading rights, which to these forces is like the worst thing that can happen. 

So how do you gain influence within the world? Well, the Allies Briefings talk about it within four arenas that the Intervention is taking place. The first, as I mentioned in my last reading of that passage, is persuading individuals in positions of power and authority—talking about industry, government and religion, primarily, and not any individual, but only certain individuals. And it’s interesting, people often ask, “Well you know, are our leaders this? Are they being influenced?” Well, that’s probably a more complex question because the Intervention, as I understand it, is seeking to influence those who are not elected, not those individuals who go in and out of office. One, they’re not very discreet. You can never entrust them with really important stuff. Two, they may change sides politically or something. 

This is entrusted individuals who you and I would probably never see, who really hold the aces in these arenas of power. And they are promised.…my God, what are they promised? How easy to persuade them. If you’re a religious leader and you were offered the opportunity to make your religion the world religion and to extend it beyond the worlds with that influence in space? What true believing religious leader could turn down such an opportunity, particularly by a race who appeared to be so advanced? 

What business entrepreneur could turn down an opportunity to get some little trinket from space that would be worth a fortune, particularly from a technologically advanced society?

What governmental leader would not want to be given the assurance of world power or world influence, at least greater world influence or military superiority over their primary competitors?

Now see, I’m a seer. I’m not supposed to be talking about this sort of thing. But this is what is, as I see it. You don’t have to see things like this, but it’s important that you look. Because otherwise we’ll give away the keys to the kingdom for a few trinkets of technology, for promises of free energy, for answers to our unanswerable questions, for our quest for enlightenment.

The Briefings describe those groups here—and there’s more than one—as being called Collectives. That’s what they’re called out in our local universe, made up of many different races of beings and sort of a very strict hierarchical organization of control, certainly nothing we would ever want to be a part of. And they function like that.

And these Collectives are not even well liked amongst our galactic neighbors. They’re just sort of tolerated as sometimes merchants are just sort of tolerated, you know, because at least they get goods to you; and that such Collectives only really exist in any abundance in, well, highly inhabited parts of the galaxy where trade is carried on and where there are rules of conduct.

Now this is the background, but it’s very important for us to understand because the Intervention that these Briefings describe is a pretty scary thing when you first look at it. But if you don’t know the constraints on that Intervention, you will not see the advantage that we have right here, right now. Because we are like the Aztec Empire of two million, and we’re looking at 550 Spaniards. Who has the power? Who has the leverage? Does advanced technology mean anything? No—all about persuasion.

So I’d like to go on now and read a short passage. These books have these wonderful drop-down quotes in them, and even when you look through them, you can read these quotes.

This is from the Third Briefing, The Influence Upon Humanity. This is the second set of briefings, which we have up here:

Though the visitors have a superior technology, the success of their entire mission rests upon their ability to persuade and encourage human allegiance.

Goes on to say in the next chapter on the Collectives—this whole Briefing on the Collectives and how they they’re ordered, and how they function, and how they like to present themselves, particularly to very spiritual superstitious people like human beings who are governed not only by reason but also by belief and lots of very powerful emotions.

So you find out what the local tribe believes in and then you become that for them, or you promise them what their priests and witch doctors cannot provide, things like televisions and cell phones and stuff like that.

With the deterioration of your natural environment and the rapid depletion of your essential resources, you are moving into a position of extreme vulnerability and powerlessness in the universe.

And what could be more powerless than a human family that’s running out of irrigable land? Whose primary sources of energy are in decline? Whose recent and ancient animosities are being flared? Whose competition for the remaining resources is being escalated as each day goes by?

What could put us in a weaker position than that? And who will come upon the scene ten years from now offering us the answer as a promise, certainly? And we certainly think that anyone who can get here can probably do just about anything.

Arthur Clark said, “You know, advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” And we all believe in magic, don’t we? Like the song? Come on, we all believe in a little bit of magic. 

This is the situation now. We are the natives of the new world. We are not together with each other. My message fundamentally is one of unity and cooperation born of necessity. We’re not going to agree about God. We’re not going to agree about marriage. We’re not going to agree about our favorite and foremost saints. We’re not going to agree about lifestyle. We’re not going to agree about political organization. We’re not going to agree about a lot of things. But survival and freedom many people can agree about. And as we become closer to nature, we recognize that the strong do dominate the weak in life if they can. 

And it is just as true in the universe around us. It’s a much bigger situation, far more complicated, many more participants. Greater skills are required. Greater understanding is required. But essentially at this level of existence, which is not our spiritual reality, this is how it is. 

So if we think that we’re going to be saved by extraterrestrials, saved by God, saved by angels, saved in the 11th hour by some wonderful Star Trek ingenuity, then I think we’re really selling away our future on a promise and a whim, just like we believe so many things that we later regret because, oh, they sounded so good at the moment. 

So what I’m talking here is not some kind of, you know, esoteric philosophy. I’m talking about common sense. No one should be coming to our world without our permission. This is our house. If you don’t think it’s our house, then you’ve already opened the doors to whoever wants to be here.

Now, if someone came into your house, most of you would want to find out who they are and why they’re there. And you’d want to find that out before they came inside. We can’t be foolish about this. If this is the biggest event in human history, then it’s the most important thing we have to consider. And we better look at the bottom line first as a natural event and not some phenomenon alone.

Nature says that if one race moves in on another, it’s for one and only one purpose. That’s what nature says. Has nothing to do with better or worse. It’s kind of amoral, if you would.

So what has been revealed to me by the spiritual powers that I understand and experience is a desire to save humanity from itself, not only from its own destructiveness, our own destructiveness, but from falling prey to an Intervention that’s really using the situation to help themselves in the classic way that Interventions always do.

In a way, it’s pretty…when people say, “This is so inexplicable, we’ll never understand it.” I think that’s incorrect. Of course, we can understand this. If someone comes into your house in the middle of the night, are you going to say, “Well, this is really strange. I don’t think I can understand this”? And do you have a right in your house to determine the rules of engagement? Probably. I think so. You have the right to determine the rules of engagement. As it is now, the rules of engagement are being determined for us and we are being persuaded that it’s in our best interest to accept it.

Just like the war in Iraq, it happens and then we’re persuaded it’s in the best interest for us to support it; just like so many other things that we can think of that happen without our permission and then we are persuaded to agree and to support; or if nothing else, just simply to, you know, become cynical and throw up our hands as so many people do today.

So when I present the Allies’ Briefings, which by the way are presented very, very, very compassionately; I mean it’s nothing hard; it’s very compassionate, as if they have more respect for us than we have for ourselves…And why would they take the time to do this? Because they don’t want to see another fallen nation in their part of the universe, in their neighborhood. It endangers them. They have a self-interest. They don’t want to see another beautiful world exploited and mined.

And, of course, there are people who think there are bad extraterrestrials, and the good extraterrestrials are going to help us against the bad extraterrestrials. But that’s like the Portuguese telling you the Spaniards are bad and you’re the native peoples of South America, and you need the Portuguese to help to protect you from the Spaniards. 

Attendee: Aren’t you saying the Allies are the good ETs, though, that are helping us? 

Marshall: The only help they can give us is to share their wisdom and to show us what we cannot see from down here on the ground. They’re not going to intervene on our behalf. They’re not going to fight galactic warfare to preserve the Earth. In fact, they’re really acting as spies on our behalf. So clearly, they want to remain hidden. 

And we either accept their offering or we don’t. I can’t prove to you that it’s real because this kind of truth has to be self-evident. No one’s going to prove to you whether an extraterrestrial is good or bad. It has to be self-evident. But real self-evident truth cannot be based upon preference or fear. You just got to get it. That’s the most loving thing you can do is just get it.

So what the Allies Briefings also present are the steps of what we can do and what we must start to do now. This is not a struggle where technology is going to play a big role, okay? This is more a matter of awareness and determination. Humanity will survive because it’s determined to survive, and has the courage to do whatever it takes to make it, okay? We can’t talk about higher truths or enlightenment if the world’s going to be lost. We can’t indulge ourselves in the splendors of our spiritual advancement in the future if the world is threatened to be lost—lost to us.

Now, the Intervention itself does not seek to destroy us. It seeks to use us. We’re part of the resource. We are the workforce for this world. And we’ve all heard about the abduction phenomenon, hybridization, these kinds of things that are always kind of the dark side of ufology that some people who are looking for the, you know, the good times ahead really don’t want to deal with.

The Allies Briefings don’t go into it in much detail. They simply say it’s to prepare a new leadership for humanity that’s bonded to the Intervention. Those who look like human beings can survive here, can breathe our atmosphere, have enough biological resistance to function in a world of this biological diversity, whereas those who live in spacecraft do not have any defenses against the unlimited number of biological agents in the world here. So regardless of their technology, they cannot survive here. They do not have the biological adaptation to do it. So their hybrid leadership will do it.

So the next time you hear about indigo children and, you know, the human ET wonder children and all kinds of things that are spiraling now around that sounds so great, every, you know, bright-looking child, every precocious child is now an indigo child, maybe; you have to really think about what you’re saying. 

And the amazing thing is is that when you look…if you can see this picture and perhaps, I hope I can put enough pieces of it in so you could begin to see it for yourself or at least to consider it, you’ll start to see why certain things make sense. You’ll start to see why any government that knows anything about this could never tell their people, ever. And they won’t, okay? So banging on the citadel walls is not really going to help that much.

It shows you why nobody wants to deal with this because I think people are inherently afraid of Intervention because every time any human civilization creates something really good, for those of you who are students of history, what’s the one thing that threatens it? Intervention or internal discord. The next nation over now wants what you have and they come marching on you. History is just cycles of this.

You create as good environment as you can—which is usually not that great but it’s as good as you can—what happens? Intervention

So this is life. We are now part of a Greater Community of intelligent life. We’re not just here on this little planet, our little island paradise, struggling with each other, fighting with each other. We now have a responsibility and an accountability to a larger arena of intelligent life or this world will be taken without firing a shot.

The four areas of Intervention: persuading individuals in positions of power and authority—certain individuals; affecting religious views and impulses, and I could certainly spend a lot of time talking about this today because a very, very important subject for any of you who really are interested in spirituality or practicing, have a spiritual practice or so forth.

The third is establishing a physical presence, an assimilation, a sense of normalcy that having extraterrestrials around is just kind of normal. And maybe for us who are a little older, it’s still not very normal. But if you talk to your six-year-olds, extraterrestrials are normal and cool. You know, they got extraterrestrial squirt gun and extraterrestrial, you know, balloons and they got extraterrestrial stuff. You can see some of that here at the conference, I’m sure. It’s assimilation, familiarity. It’s breaking down the the barrier of strangeness, see what I’m saying? Focus very much on children. I mean, it’s no accident that children are targeted with this stuff. It’s not just, you know, advertising.

And the fourth arena is hybridization, creating for the Intervention a human being allegiant to them who has certain kinds of extraordinary powers or extra extraordinary powers who because of their brilliance can work their way into the arenas of power.

So all this 50 years while things are flying around and we’re wondering and landing here and doing this and doing that and we’re wondering, we’re trying to put it all together, all this infrastructure is being built and it’s worth it. Fifty years is worth it. We don’t think in those time frames, but others perhaps do. It’s worth 50 years of laying the groundwork for a nonviolent conquest of the planet where its human workforce will be preserved and its vital resources will be preserved. 

This is what the Allies of Humanity Briefings are basically telling us is that we are in line for something like this. It is happening and we are not getting it. And the reason we are not getting it is why these Briefings were sent. We cannot go on another year, another ten years thinking of this as a science experiment, thinking of this as an adventure in consciousness, thinking this as part of our personal self-fulfillment.

Those tall ships out there, they’re only here for one reason. That’s what generates Intervention. We think we’re being studied because we’re so fascinating and interesting and peculiar and irrational and…or we have something that they need. And this is all just foolishness in my opinion. We’re just congratulating ourselves, you know? This is a form of self adornment, if you will.

So the beginning key of preparing for this, which the Allies Briefings begin to present, which presented in much more detail in my other writings, book Steps to Knowledge. I mean, that is a book of gaining a connection to the deeper Intelligence you have within you which is called Knowledge—far greater than intuition it is. This is what gives you power in the universe, not technology. This enables you to know what others know. This enables you to be free from persuasion and deception. If you can advance in The Way of Knowledge, no force human or extraterrestrial can turn your mind. And we know our minds can be turned because they have been turned before, again and again.

So let’s not fool ourselves in thinking that we’re indomitable, invulnerable in the field of mental persuasion. And that is the field of power that could give several thousand extraterrestrials the ability to take over this world in the way they want to. They’ll feed human conflict for those who are violent. They’ll pacify those who are spiritual. They’ll plant themselves in the corridors of power. They’ll bring about an ever weakened humanity. And then they will arrive with their gifts of technology, peace, empowerment, the future, the galactic brotherhood, all these things that we have seen already being offered, the channeled books—and I have nothing against channeling—the channeled books of the ETs and the spirit and the angels working together to uplift the biological code or the harmonic vibration of humanity.

Preparation. I’m going to go through it very simply because it’s a very big topic and I can only highlight it in the time I have with you today. There has to be education and awareness. If we don’t know what we’re looking at, nothing else is going to work. We have to get a very sober view of what we are looking at. And that’s not so easy to do given our own preferences, our own fears and some of the prevailing attitudes and beliefs around us.

The next is we have to learn about this Knowledge that is used out there because that’s the thing that really is going to protect us as individuals and the thing that we can help to empower other people. Because if we don’t have this power, then we are easily persuaded. This is the core of our spirituality. This is where the whole spiritual reality and importance comes into play.

If you don’t know, you can only think. And if you can only think, you can be persuaded because thoughts are the instruments of persuasion, as well as the vehicle of communication. And we’re dealing with races of beings who are much more clever at mental persuasion than any advertising agency or any government, any public relations firm that we have here on Earth. They are clever because this is how you get what you want out there short of outright conquest.

When we see that we are the native peoples of our one world, we will see that that is a position from which we must unite and care for what we have to protect this planet and its resources, to create a sustainable future for ourselves because if we don’t, we will fall under the dominion of foreign powers; it will just be a matter of time. The Allies say if we push back this Intervention—and they talk about how that can be done—there will be other interventions. It’s like the Alaskan wilderness, you know, the oil companies aren’t just going to give up with one Congressional vote. They’ll be back the next session and they’ll keep at it until they win, which they recently did. They’re not going to give up. They want that.

So from here on we, are going to have to protect this planet. And we can only do that with a certain degree of human unity and cooperation. So the idea of going to war is so wrong from the sense that it weakens us within the context of the Greater Community. It’s not just wrong for the regular, the usual reasons that we ascribe. It’s the last thing you want to do. We should be building bridges. And this is the one thing, I must say in my view, that could unite humanity. I don’t think anything else could unite Humanity except something like this. But who knows about it? 

You know, it’s like the the speech…remember the President Reagan speech? It’s very interesting. “Here in our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us realize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.” This is Ronald Reagan’s speech to the 42nd General Assembly of the United Nations, September 21st, 1987.

So I’m presenting this to you, as the Allies said, not to incite fear but to provoke responsibility. We are responsible for our future. And we will lose our freedom if we do not protect it. And that freedom now is based upon human unity and cooperation and the preservation of the very resources upon which we depend. This is a kind of necessity that may have the power to overcome the tribal and national animosities that still pit us against one another and the specter of competition for future resources, which could throw our world into a series of conflicts greater than any world war we’ve ever known.

And I think that, in a way, this is the most dangerous threat we’ve ever faced but it’s also the one opportunity. And so I balance these things two things together. And I want to do this in a way to inspire you to see, to know and to act, not to withdraw, not to retreat, not to shut down, not to go back into a preferred scenario, but to really keep your eyes open, your ears open and to allow yourself to be uncomfortable because being uncomfortable is a sign that Knowledge is moving within you, that you’re aware of something that you can’t easily dismiss, that you’re willing to be with something that’s hard to be with, that you’re willing to face a truth that you must face at some point—and better now than later.