God Has Never Left You

This is how God restores you, gives you clear eyes, freedom from the past. This is how God cleanses your mind and your heart and shows you a way out of your dilemmas, no matter how deep set they may seem to be. This is how God moves through your life and in your life, […]

See Yourself as Heaven Regards You

How Heaven regards you

How God regards you is so very different from how you regard yourself and others. And throughout the Revelation is this regard for you, that you’re really worth something, that you’re really important, that your life is a meaningful event, with a purpose and a destiny. https://youtu.be/u85SnxAfVSk Marshall gives a wisdom teaching on seeing yourself […]

What are Changing Weather Patterns Telling Us?

weather patterns are changing

The great fire storms of the world, the great hurricanes of the world, the changing climate and weather patterns of the world—we’ve changed this world so much. And now it’s beginning to respond in ways that are really unpredictable and tend to be very extreme—extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme moisture, extreme drought. This is affecting […]

Being Disturbed by Great Change in the World

Great change in the world

Many people out there have felt the approach of great change in the world, felt disturbed by it, concerned by it, concerned that people around them are not responding or don’t seem to want to know anything about it. Big signs from the world. I’m not talking about subtle things here. I’m talking about crushing, […]

New Teaching Just Released: The Upheaval

Upheaval teaching

Marshall Vian Summers has released a new, never before heard teaching called “The Upheaval,” and during the month of September, he invites you to study it, alongside him, with a personal Study Guide offered below… Keep a Study Journal (free registration required) as you go, highlighting the most important passages of this revelation and noting […]

Real Humility: The Deep, Hidden Strength

real humility

To me, humility can be defined as a deeper hidden strength, not a behavior, not an attitude, not an appearance, not a performance, not a mask. A deep hidden strength. Marshall Vian Summers teaches about the difference between false humility and the real meaning of the word. This excerpt is taken from 2016 Steps to […]

What You Serve and Why You Serve Is All that Matters

what you serve is all that matters

There are three elements to what really matters, essentially, when you boil everything down: what you do, what you serve and why you serve. What you went through along the way—the peaks, the valleys, the wonderful moments of realization, the deep pits of despair, confusion, anxiety, recklessness, self-destruction—in the end, it matters what you do, […]

Sharing Our Authority with God

Sharing authority with God

God gives you authority over your affairs, yet God has authority over your direction. So the authority is shared, you see, at different levels. And this is very confusing for people because they think either they have to take charge of everything or they just give up all authority and let God guide them. And […]

What’s Holding You Back Are People, Work, Place and Things

What's Holding you back in life

What’s really holding you back are people, work, place and things. You have relationships with all these things that are very predominating in your life. Of course you feel all these internal factors. But trying to work out your internal factors alone is not going to resolve your problem. https://youtu.be/jejZZMP6usQ Marshall teaches the four things […]

The Process of Unburdening for True Freedom

The Process of Unburdening

So the process of unburdening is about letting go of things that are unnecessary, harmful or meaningless. Many activities that we do physically and many processes of thought we have are harmful to us, degrading. Why would you ever take any action that would lower how much you value yourself? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvVcsLj6BDg Marshall Vian Summers discusses […]