You know, as a warring set of tribes on Earth, we will not be free in the universe in the future. We will fall prey to the Intervention of one kind or another. It’s predictable. And we will be overcome without firing a shot. This is a long-term colonization project that we’re facing. They are willing take years and decades to accomplish it, to achieve their goals. But their success is not assured.

When humanity begins to wake up to what is happening in our world, in our lives, we have the power to drive this away, not even by force, but by consensus. The Intervention in the world today is relying entirely upon our submission and our willingness to give in to it. It has no power to take us by force, nor can it do this.

This is part of the Allies Briefings to explain why this is, in the clearest possible terms. And this is why we have to know something about life in the universe or we would never be able to figure this out. We would think that everything out there is like us and functions like us. But that is not what we’re facing. That is not the greater reality that we’re entering.

Marshall Vian Summers talked with Levy Carneiro from Brazil in May 2019 about the long-term alien colonization project on Earth.