To be stable in a changing world, you have all four of these Pillars: Relationships; Health; Work; Spiritual development, which is really your connection to Knowledge. In its essence, that’s what creates stability. And you’re only as stable as the weakest of any one of those Pillars. So you can be magnificent in one area, but if the rest of your life is weak and undeveloped, you’re unstable. And you’ll be prone to collapse; you’ll be prone to mishap, to making grave mistakes and to failure in life.

So we take this…this is like functional spirituality we’re talking about, which is how to be in relationship with yourself in the right way, how to be in relationship with others, how to be in relationship with the world. That’s spirituality. It’s not about ascension. It’s not about pleasing God. God has put Knowledge within you to guide you. If you’re not using it, then you’re living a haphazard, you know, crashing-into-walls kind of life. And so we want to bring you back to the center of your power and wisdom that has been given to you that represents your true nature, or your eternal nature, that lives within you at this moment because boy, we need this now as never before.

You know, the Earth beneath us is moving. Life is changing. Things are collapsing. Things are emerging. I mean, it’s a super dynamic time to be here, but also a hazardous time. And it’s important that you become as strong…have as strong foundation as possible. So during the lockdown, which is now being released, I recommended people to do this kind of inner work. This is a time to be with yourself. Instead of watching endless movies and pacing the floor, take stock of yourself. Take stock of your life. Where am I going? What am I doing? What am I going to do when I come out of this? How am I going to adapt if I no longer have this job, or even if that whole career line begins to dry up on me?

I mean, this is a time to reevaluate your situation. It’s a pause, but that pause can give you pause to do this kind of work. But this work is ongoing. It’s not like…there’s no mastery here; there’s only functionality. And we need as much functionality as we can get if we’re to take care of ourselves and be of service to others.

Marshall Vian Summers teaches functional spirituality and how it is essential for building a strong foundation in life. Marshall discusses how this foundation is built through the strengthening of the Four Pillars of our life- the Pillar of Work, the Pillar of Health, the Pillar of Relationship and the Pillar of Spiritual Development, and encourages us to return to our inner power and wisdom if we want to live a genuine life and be a strong contributor to a world in need.

This clip is from a May 23, 2020, live broadcast: Living in the COVID19 Pandemic: 7 Key Skills You Will Need in a World Facing Great Change”

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