You Need Greater Strength for a World of Great Changes

You need greater strength

Facing a world of tremendous change and upheaval will require a greater Intelligence to guide you, a greater strength within you that is beyond you, but that you are a part of. It will require fortitude and compassion and patience. It will require that you relinquish what you think the world must have and your complaints against the world, no matter how deep set they may be.

You are not sent into the world to condemn this environment—a world of the separated, a world of change, a world of difficulty, a world of adaptation, a world of changing events and confusing situations.

You are not sent here to change the world according to your ideas or notions of what would improve this environment—an incentive that drives the lives of many people, but rarely with a good result overall.

No. The world will become more unpredictable now. For you have changed the air, the waters and the soils so much that the world will begin to change on its own, a change brought about by human misuse and abuse of the world. It is changing even at this moment, even as We speak, in ways that have not been seen even in the times of human civilization.

Most people cannot even face it they are so bound in their fear and their prejudices and their beliefs, thinking they know what reality is. The great change that is coming will be overwhelming to them, and unless they can open their eyes and face it, they will be unprepared for what is to come.

You will need a greater strength. You will need your strength and a greater strength, united together. Without this greater strength, you will not have the determination, the courage or the clarity to know how to proceed in a world now that will be ever more chaotic and uncertain.

It is not a question of giving your life away to God. It is a question of uniting your strengths, to the degree you have developed them, and the greater power that God has put within you to guide you. For this power lives within you as a seed waiting to germinate, to come forth, waiting for you to reach a state of maturity and self-honesty where you realize you cannot fulfill yourself in this environment, in this world.

You do not even really know how to protect yourself. You do not yet have the criteria for true relationship. You do not have the criteria to make any wise decisions at all. Not yet. Not completely.

To face a situation such as this, you will need a greater strength and a greater power from beyond you. And this power will require that your strength be established sufficiently, that you are a stable enough person, an honest enough person, a reliable enough person that Heaven can give you important things to do.