When you take decisive action in your life with this [greater] power, you’re going to take it alone. You may have some people who support you in doing that, but that’s you. You’re going to have to step over that line. You’re going to have to take those risks. You’re going to have to risk giving up benefits and security. You. You crossed over that line. That’s what matters.

So we go back to the mountain image of we have to get out of the trees sufficiently that we begin to have some vision. And getting out of the trees means that your life is moving, that you’re willing to really push your life in the appropriate direction, even if you don’t know where it’s going or what it’s going to end up looking like or where you’re going to be, who you’re going to be with…“Will I ever have a relationship?”

No. You’re just going to move. And you build your Pillars. We talk about Pillars, Four Pillars of life in the New Message: Pillar of Relationships, Pillar of Work, Pillar of Health, Pillar of Spiritual Development. That’s all work to be done right now, everywhere, wherever you are, no matter what’s going on.

So you want to build strength, build stability, build self-determination, build courage—these are things that are not innate within you. You have to build them. To become a real vehicle for Knowledge, you have to build these things in real life, wherever you are, facing whatever you’re facing.

There is a greater power living within you. This greater power needs to be utilized for decisive action, action that will move your life in the direction it is destined to go.

In this clip from a larger teaching given in May 2019, Marshall points to the work that is required if we seek to be a vehicle for a greater power and a greater reality within the the world. This work includes building the Four Pillars of life: work, health, relationships and spiritual development.