There are three basic requirements for freedom in the universe. There’s unity. There’s self-sufficiency. And there’s discernment and discretion, which go together.

This video is excerpted from an interview with Marshall Vian Summers by Levy Carneiro in Brazil, April 2019.

There are three basic requirements for freedom in the universe. There’s unity. There’s self-sufficiency. And there’s discernment and discretion, which go together.

Unity means a nation, a world, the population is not constantly fighting and struggling with itself over territory or resources. Because that just makes you so vulnerable to outside intervention, and you’re destroying the value of your one world, as well as the well-being of your own peoples.

Self-sufficiency means that the world can supply us what we need. We do not require or depend upon foreign powers to give us essential things. This is very important because when you’re self-sufficient, you can be discerning about other powers in the universe. You don’t really need them, and you want to be careful that your resource is not going to be utilized or taken from you by other powers. So you become a responsible participant in a universe full of intelligent life.

Discernment is very important. Discernment is the ability to see what you’re looking at fundamentally, and not to overlay that with your desires and your fears, not even with your love or your emotion. Just seeing. “What am I looking at here?” The eyes to see. “What am I hearing?” You have the ears to hear what really is there, not what you want to be there, or hope that will be there, or afraid will be there.

And discretion. I mean, we’re broadcasting all of our conflicts, our foolishness, everything out into our local universe. A discreet observer can learn all about our culture, our weaknesses, our tendencies, our corruption, our violence, our tragedies, our suffering, our starvation, everything. “Tune in to planet Earth!” Foolishly broadcasting out into space. We haven’t learned how not to do that. So we do that.

Free races are rare in the universe. Most races are large, technological, or if they’re really remote, they could be very primitive. But once nations begin to trade and interact with each other, they become more like each other, very controlling. I mean there’s not a lot of individual freedom in these large nations. They have to control their populations; they have to control everything. And they become more like each other because they’re dominating each other.

If I need something from your world in order for my technology to work, I have to go along with you. If I can no longer support myself with what I have, then I need what you have. And this is how war has been overcome in our local universe, through a very tight kind of network of essential commerce. But it’s very tightly controlled.

And within that, free nations have to establish themselves and insulate themselves from the outside. That’s one of the reasons why the Allies, the individuals, cannot give the names of their worlds or reveal what they’re doing here because they’re going against those rules of engagement for free nations. You can be a free nation; you just can’t interfere with what we’re doing around you.

Well, the Allies are doing that. And that’s why after the first set of Briefings, the Intervention became aware of the Allies’ presence and began to pursue them, and have pursued them ever since. So the second set of two sets of Briefings, actually three sets of Briefings have come from afar, whereas the first set of Briefings was within our own solar system from a hidden location.

So to be a free nation in the universe, you have to really become mature and united and discerning and discreet. And self-sufficient. Well, we’re losing our self-sufficiency with each passing day. We’re depleting the Earth at a phenomenal rate. An ever-growing number of people drinking from a slowly shrinking well? I mean, that’s not going to have a good outcome.

We’re broadcasting all of our conflicts and dissensions and problems out into space indiscriminately, so there’s no discretion. We’re not discerning about who and what is flying in our skies. And human unity, which has always been an important goal, is going through a time of fragmentation right now as the resources of the world become more scarce, more expensive. And cooperation in many places is breaking down.

So we’re failing the three requirements for freedom in the universe currently, but those things can all be changed over time. And I think you would need to be aware of the challenge from beyond to create the incentive for those things to be altered and changed into a positive direction.