I’d like to talk about power now in the universe. To us, power is still technology and physical resources; military might; gold mines; the latest thing that will sell; dominance over nations, peoples and tribes. But in the universe around us, according to the Allies Briefings and the New Message, everyone has equivalent technology, more or less.

Technology is easy to purchase, easy to copy and easy to steal. The real power is power in the mental environment, the power of mental persuasion. And that’s what they’re using on the people of Earth at this moment.

The people who are taken against their will cannot even think their own thoughts. They can only yield, even though no physical force is being placed upon them.

But we know all about this, how parents exert force on their children without physical harm. How do you get your kids to do what you want them to do? We offer them rewards. We take things away from them. We exert disapproval. This is the mental environment.

But in the universe, it’s been developed to a much higher level. If you think about it, your ultimate weapon is to make your adversary not want to fight. They’re exerting an influence upon us so we will not fight them.

The Allies Briefings reveal one other thing we would never know: that invasion is not allowed in our region of space. If you want to influence another nation, you have to gain contact with them to make them look like you want them to be with them. That’s a pathway to the same end, but a different kind of pathway.

That’s how native peoples have been run over in modern times: reward their leaders and give their people something else to pursue in life, take them away from their culture, their religion and their sense of identity.

In this teaching given at a conference in Peruíbe, Brazil, Marshall Vian Summers discusses what is power in the Universe, which has nothing to do with military conquest.