Why does religion become what it has become over time? And even in present time, where in certain parts of the world there is real war waged in its name? And if war is not being waged and this is kind of a cold war of religion—a war of denouncement, a war of condemnation, a war of segregation, while religious minorities around the world are repressed, minimalized or even cruelly treated.

We’re still living in this religion-as-war state. Whether that war is hot or cold, it infects people’s beliefs, ideas, the stability of our societies, cultures, families, even. So it’s everywhere around us.

For me, this is a great concern. Because for me, and what has been revealed to me over these many years, is that all the religions were initiated by those sent from the Angelic Presence to send a great New Message, a new understanding, a new platform into the world to help become a building block of human civilization, never intended to be competing with one another, but given at different times in different cultures. Because God knows that not every one can follow one teaching or one teacher or one scripture. It’s never happened and it never will.

So though people may hold strong views about what they feel is the true religion or the only religion, God has other plans. God does what works, even if it’s incomprehensible to those of us on the ground.

So to see religion as building blocks of civilization, we can see its benefit to humanity in uniting people within cultures, between cultures, maintaining a higher ethic, a higher standard and morality in the world, against all the things that degrade us in life—the passions that degrade us, the conflicts that degrade us, our self-condemnation, our condemnation of others, the degradation of the world, the ruined lives, the forgotten people—everything.

So religion has served a great purpose in creating a counterpoint to all these things. But what most people experience in religion is the mandate, the rules, the control, the condemnation, the claims of supremacy, the threat of damnation.
I say to you today these have no part in the Pure Religion.

Why is war waged in the name of religion? Marshall spoke on December 30, 2019 about the intended purpose of religion as building blocks of civilization. To see religion this way, we can see religion has a path to human unity, not a way of mandate and control.

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