The Allies of Humanity are made up of individuals from several different worlds. Each of these worlds was overcome by intervention and in each of these worlds that had to fight for their freedom to regain their own sovereignty at great cost to their populations.

So, they are the ones who can best tell us about an intervention and how it has to be recognized, how it has to be discerned, how it has to be resisted and how it has to be overcome. This is why the Allies of Humanity were called here to give their testimony – not to interfere with us, not to land on our surface of our world, but to give us this wisdom. We would never achieve it on our own.

How could we? No one on earth knows what’s going on in the universe. I don’t. I wouldn’t know. It has to be revealed to us and that is what the Allies of Humanity briefings are about. The Allies of Humanity are totally hands-off about us in our affairs. The only thing they’re telling us is where our strengths and weaknesses are. They’re telling us who’s here, why they’re here, what they’re doing and what we need to do to prepare. That is it.

They’re not going to come here and save us because no free nation would ever do that. They’d have to take over our world to do that and they’re not willing to do that because that then contravenes our own freedom and responsibility. But they will give the things that we cannot know for ourselves: the wisdom, the perspective, the information we cannot gain on our own to help us do that.

So, we do need help, but we do not need intervention. So, their presence here to me represents ethical contact with life in the universe. Give us your wisdom, show us how we can survive in this greater community of life, show us how we can be free in this greater community of life, but don’t come here and start trying to take over government, religion and commerce, taking people against their will – this is a very serious thing.