Reed Summers:
Welcome. My name is Reed Summers. I am joined today with Patricia Summers and the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, for a special broadcast conversation following the 2016 election in the United States of America, following other major events this year, including Brexit and much, much more.

Patricia Summers:
Yeah. We are part of a worldwide movement centered around a vast revelation which calls itself the New Message from God. This worldwide community of involved and active and inquiring people reside in 106 countries. This process has been underway—which is to say the receiving of a Revelation, the preparing and the giving of a Revelation—this has all been happening since 1983, centered here primarily here in the United States. This movement, this Message, this Revelation essentially is about igniting the spiritual power in people everywhere. And we’re happy to be with you now to share this time with you.

So, today we’re going to speak primarily about three things, very simple: What is happening in our world? The great challenge and opportunity before us. And what we each personally and collectively need to be doing at this time and into the times ahead.

We’re going to hear an original teaching called, “God’s New Message for the Political Leaders of the World.” And then we’re going to have a worldwide discussion around three questions, which we will offer to you at the end of this broadcast. And that’s our chance to talk, to communicate, to express what’s up for you, for us, around the world at this major turning point.

And so to begin, we’re going to talk about what is happening in our world.

PS: Yeah, yeah.

We want to start by just acknowledging that something has happened. Something big has happened three days ago. Something big happened five months ago in the United Kingdom. Something big has happened and it’s worth stopping to acknowledge that.

The tone and the tenor of our social and political landscape has become very hateful, vengeful, spiteful and reactive in recent times, and this has dominated the collective awareness of people in this country and perhaps around the world.

Perhaps you can speak about this, Patricia.

Yeah. You know Reed speaks of these major events that have just happened here in the United States: the presidential election and major direction-setting events in the United Kingdom. But along the way there are serious and grave conflicts worldwide in Iraq, in Syria. There are enormous numbers of people that are being displaced at this time for a variety of reasons due to political conditions, war, climate change issues that are affecting the places where people live.

For all these reasons we felt called to come forward to bring forth the resources that we have been endowed with, now, through this New Message from God, which by the way, is not affiliated with any other spiritual or religious tradition in the world; it’s very remarkable.

But these conditions are growing; it’s disconcerting. The degree of separation from you to me, and you to others, and we to each, ourselves, and each other is disturbing when we’re at a time where we need to somehow find the way to cooperate to be able to go forward as a human race. So…

And I think many people around the world are feeling this. You’re feeling a discouragement, an anxiety, [MVS: uh huh] a confusion about where our world stands and what is coming down the road. And unfortunately at this time when we need clarity and cooperation and clear thinking above all else, instead we’re getting other things. Our fear and our misunderstandings and our mistrust is being stoked and used by individuals and groups to further their agendas.

The airwaves of society, of the media have become clogged with this kind of destructive rhetoric, this destructive communication. And this is coming at a very difficult time for the world. Because the world, above all else, needs to be sitting down, to get down to what we need to do to face the challenges that are at risk of overwhelming humanity as a whole.

PS: Yeah.

In addition we’ve seen a very concerning level of denigration of certain groups, minority groups, women, people of certain religions—this kind of destructive communication denigrating people, separating people, dividing people. This basically, this force of division is notable and very worrying at this time as nations begin to fracture, as regions separate, as people divide along levels, along lines of race and class and gender— it’s really concerning at this time.

All of it distracts us from the enormous challenges our world is facing. And I’d like to share with you a passage that I think describes this better than anything else. This basically says it. This is a passage from the New Message from God. I’ll show this to you now. [reads]

You have come into the world at a time of profound need, and the needs of humanity will grow ever greater in the face of the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world: resource depletion, environmental decline and degradation, changing climate and catastrophic weather, growing political and economic instability, and the risk of war between nations and groups over who will claim the remaining resources. This will plunge humanity into a greater and deeper state of instability and uncertainty and give rise to many dangerous leaders coming to power.

Yeah. The passage that Reed just read comes directly from this Revelation, the New Message from God. And as you look at these words, can you see what they’re saying? And I’m sure you probably have been seeing them all along—foreseeing them and seeing them in present time. I think you have. And this bespeaks a greater power, a perspective that you hold, yourself, apart from whoever or whatever authority may be attempting to communicate to you a point of view, a perspective, you know, a data set, or whatever.

The question is: What do you see? What do you know? What’s happening right beneath your feet? That’s a question; it’s an important question. This is the kind of question that has been with us since we were the primitive peoples wandering this, this planet Earth. And we are those peoples today. So the question is: are we connected to what we most deeply know and what we’re able to see? Can we discern these things? And can we locate within ourselves a point of certainty? It’s very difficult, admittedly. There’s so much going on.

You know this particular passage speaks to the fact that climate change is accelerating. We went to explore some facts about this before coming here to be with you today. And, you know, for example the hottest year on record is, was 2015, one year ago. The data for this year is not yet in. The hottest year before that was the year of 2014. The top ten warmest years on record have occurred from 1998 to the present. It’s very recent.

RS: Yeah.

And these observations are, direct observations, are coming in all, worldwide, to the great credit of our scientific community. You know there are tremendous concerns regarding growing drought, ever more powerful storms and flooding. And this we’re seeing; we’re actually able to see this happening in our news feeds…

Yeah. And alarmingly in the last year, two years, this has triggered one of the largest mass migrations of humanity in modern times. Last year, as of the end of last year 65.3 million people are forcibly displaced in the world, on the roads, on the highways, at the edges of cities, sleeping in parks in cities around the world. 34,000 people are displaced every day in no small part to the great environmental and climate related changes that are going on in the world.

And at the same time, growth of economies is slowing and stalling and stagnating, eroding the financial foundation that so many people and their families rely upon. The whole economic currents of the world are changing: the movement of goods, the movement of assets, wealth itself. What is wealth? (Chuckles) We have to ask ourselves these days.

So economies are becoming very unstable and are destabilizing entire nations and states, giving rise to extremism at all levels—not only religious extremism, but political extremism. And that’s partly why we’re here today, to talk about these very, very dangerous forces in the world, and the counteracting force both within people and in the human family that needs to come out and to come to the fore, come to bear, to push against those dangerous forces that are pulling humanity apart.

There is a counteracting force in the world, a spiritual force—a force for unity and cooperation and compassion that has to come out of enough people now. Not all people, but enough people.

Yes, yes. And so, as a growing worldwide community we at the same time are facing this ongoing powerful tidal effect of fear and desperation, which grows out of these circumstances, and which threatens the very existence of people either psychologically or also conditionally, which is to say: how will they feed themselves? How will they assure an income for themselves and their family?

What’s happening? What’s happening? The sense of confusion: what’s happening?

Yeah. And you know at a time when the environment is in such a state of change, tragically denial and delusion reign, reign supreme in so many ways, you know. We are not able to assess clearly the situation facing us. Big problem. And, unfortunately, politics and religion are not helping by and large, not fully, but partly, are not helping. And are dividing our world at the exact moment when our world needs to come down, sit at the table and talk about what we’re going to do as a world.

You know, we remain a warring and competing and conflicting set of nations and tribes, tragically. And that, I don’t feel, is the role of politics and religion, at a time in our world such as this.

You know, may I read this passage? It’s of particular meaning here. [reads]:

The nations of the world, in order to survive these Great Waves of change, will have to cooperate to a greater extent than has ever been done before. This includes sharing of resources rather than struggling over them or competing for them. For if one part of the world becomes chaotic the rest of the world will be greatly impacted. No longer can nations simply serve their own interests, disregarding the well being of nations around them, because the world is far too interdependent. The human family now depends upon stability not upon the realm of its own nations but beyond it as well.

This passage comes from the Revelation which will be featured today, called “The New Message for Political Leaders.” It’s a very strong passage.

I read this passage last night and I was really struck by this one line, “No longer can nations simply serve their own interests.” That is a revolution in thinking. We are, we need to be thinking like a world, and we are not thinking like a world. We’re thinking like a divided set of nations with their own separate interests in competition with each other.

And so a truth like this, that given the environmental, social, economic challenges we are facing that nations cannot simply serve their own interests, “disregarding the well being of nations around them.” So important.

Yeah. So, what the New Message says to us, and what’s very evident perhaps to many or a growing number of people is that we are amidst, we’re in the midst of a global emergency. We have passages here we’d like to read. And because of the nature of the situation, we felt called to step forward, and Marshall Vian Summers is here to speak to us.

So let us first read a few passages here: [passage is on the screen as PS reads]

You are living in a global emergency. Do not think this will not affect you and your life profoundly and completely. It can ruin your economies. It can lead to mass starvation. [PS does not read the rest of the sentence, “and death.”] It can lead to warfare, perpetual warfare, on a scale that has never been seen here before.

RS [reading passage on screen]:
The coastal cities and ports of the world could be flooded in 30 years. The lands will dry out. The crops will fail. There will be human migration on a scale never seen, with great tribulation and conflict arising. It will be an overwhelming situation if humanity does not prepare.

MVS: mmmh

PS [reading from passage on screen]:
Increasingly there will be friction all around you and friction all around the world as human communities are stressed to a breaking point; as ancient animosities now begin to overflow and engulf nations and regions; as the competition for the remaining resources becomes fierce and dangerous, producing conflict and aggravation on a scale never seen before.

RS: Uh hum

MVS: Yes

PS: So Marshall, what do you see, here?

Yes, well we’re dealing with global change, a phenomenal level of global change, produced mainly by human activity. We’re facing a world of diminishing resources, a world of political and economic instability. We’re facing a world where an ever growing number of people will be drinking from a slowly shrinking well. This is how the New Message says it in those words.

This, then, is a calling for all of us, for every person, to arise out of our self-concern, or self-obsession, whatever the case may be, to see that we have to pay attention to the world around us. Just like the animals in the world do, constantly checking on their environment, we have to begin to constantly check on our environment.

And God has given us the eyes to see and the ears to hear. But these are not the eyes that we look at, with normally, or the ears that we use normally, for they’re very conditioned by our societies, by our preferences and by our fears.

The world is calling something greater from all of us now. Be careful, then, not to hold to your theories and beliefs, but to gain the strength to see beyond them. Be careful, now, not to go down the dark and limiting corridors of conspiracy, which can blind you to the larger world we live in.

For the real issue facing us now is our relationship with the world itself and our, each other. This goes beyond politics; this goes beyond economics, ultimately, but includes them as well. For certainly nature and history has taught us that the greatest danger to any civilization is environmental collapse. That has been the death of empires.

So, we, then, must have the courage and the heart and the humility to face these bigger things that we’re talking about here today. Yes, they are very grave, but perhaps you’re already feeling gravity within yourself as you look upon the world, as you see where religious and political leaders are taking us and what is being emphasised through the airwaves of the world. Perhaps you already feel this gravity, this concern, this anxiety, as Reed mentioned.

Therefore, we have to able to respond. We have to have response-ability to be able to face these things collectively and individually because that is why we have been sent into the world ultimately.

You know, the New Message Revelation indicates, says that it has come here precisely for these times and for the times to come. And you, Marshall, are the individual who brought this revelation here and are ultimately responsible for what it says, for what it’s communicating, and what it calls for and calls forth from us, so how do you feel about that? What do you see?

Well, you know, it’s a tremendous gift but a tremendous burden because to be given an authentic message from our Source, from the Creator of all life, has certainly been the dominating force in my life, has altered my life completely, has given me a tremendous responsibility and sense of duty, of service here. But it also requires the assistance and cooperation of many people. This is not something one person can possibly do on their own.

So I feel that it’s part of my task to awaken world awareness, to awaken the deeper conscience within people. How do we really most deeply feel? Not just what we believe, or what kind of ideology we may aspire to or hold within ourselves, but to be called to something greater—a greater task.

This is a global emergency we’re facing now; we’re at the beginning of it. And we’re in a period of time where we have the opportunity to prepare for it, but it is not a great deal of time because much time has been wasted already. And so there’s a tremendous calling going out into the world between people and from the Divine to become aware, awake and to prepare and to cooperate for the protection of humanity, for the welfare of this world upon which we depend for everything, to allow the deeper love and compassion and forgiveness that is the other great current within us, that can overcome our mistakes, overcome our fear and overcome our divisions between each other.

Don’t look for nations or governments to do this. This has to happen within each person. This kind of revolution in thinking has to happen within YOU. You can feel that other people have to change or governments have to change or religion has to change, but in the end that change has to begin and start within you.

Are you to become a force of division, an adversary amongst a world of adversaries? Or’re you going to be a force for good, contribution, service and compassion in this world that you have been sent by God to serve?

RS: (21:13)
[inaudible] Marshall. Marshall said some amazing things last night, as well, which I wrote down. Just like to read some of this right now. This is just what he said to me at… the kitchen table. [reads from notes]: “In the face of tremendous change and uncertainty we have a choice, a great decision. Do we separate and divide and blame others? Or do we find ways to cooperate and unite? This is the decision.”

[looking toward MVS] You said, “This is the decision, and it is not a done deal yet. But enough people in the world have to choose the former and avoid the latter.”

You know, the Voice that speaks to Marshall, OK, the actual Voice that you can hear the Voice of Revelation? This is what it has said about the situation. And I can only imagine how this feels to Marshall, for this Message to rumble through him in this way. [reading:] “It is a race to save human civilization. It is a race that must be run. It is the calling for human cooperation and unity to face a reality never seen here on Earth before in the time of human civilization.”

[to MVS] What does that feel…are you able to actually acknowledge how you’re feeling when something like this is said to you and through you?

Well, I mean what the New Message presents far exceeds anything I ever believed before, or even considered to be possible. It has stretched me internally. It has required that I see beyond my own fears and concerns. It has required for me to have greater courage, greater wisdom and greater determination beyond my own personal interests, most certainly.

You know this revelation, which is entitled “The Race To Save Human Civilization,” was received in 2009 in Aleppo, Syria. It also said in that Revelation that this city of two million will be devastated within a very short period of time. And, indeed, two years later that devastation began.

So, this is a Teaching with many prophetic elements in it. But it is fundamentally a call to personal responsibility, personal cooperation, personal awareness.

PS: Yeah

Everyone is afraid of this changing world, and we respond to that in different ways. Some people want to go back to an earlier era. Some people want to change the economy only, thinking that that will stabilize the situation. Some people want to retreat into God. Some people want to become religiously fanatic. Some people want to just go away and try to forget.

But this is a world-calling now. Not everyone will respond, most certainly. But it is important that you can respond. And God’s New revelation for the world has laid the foundation for religious unity in this world, for the realization of our own individual power that, not only our personal power, but the power that Heaven has imbued within us to be of service in this world under the very circumstances that we would otherwise wish to avoid or deny.

So, this has been a tremendous thing; it has taken me so long to receive The New Message. And only in recent years have I been speaking publicly to bring it forth. It has required a tremendous journey for me, which is actually spoken of in The New Message as “The Journey of the Messenger” that I have had to take.

But today I’m appealing to your heart and your soul, not just to your beliefs, because we’re never going to believe in all the same things; we’re never all going to have the same religion; we’re never all going to have the same viewpoint. But there’s something that calls to a deeper conscience within us, that is innate within us, because we’ve all come from the same source.

And the power that God has put within us, whether you be religious or not, is the source of your inspiration. It is the source of power that we really now have to address.

PS: Tremendous

This is so, uh, prescient at this moment. The New Message brings forward this idea called, “The Age of Cooperation and Responsibility.” [MVS: uh huh] It says we are entering the Age of Cooperation and Responsibility. And I think it’s very troubling to see people walking away from each other at this time when they need to be sitting down. [PS: yeah] People deserting each other. People denigrating each other. People dehumanizing each other. There is a level of dehumanizing to the level of political and religious communication today which cannot be [MVS: uh huh] It cannot be. Not because I say it cannot be or the New Message, but because necessity says it cannot be.

MVS: Yes.

Our world is facing a turning point. If we do not act in response to the environmental calamity that we are creating, just that alone, then we are, you know, we are setting ourselves down a track of unrelenting, unrelenting destruction—environmental destruction and climate change—that our children and their children will have to live with.

Actually, we’re, we will disintegrate, over time. And we will deplete the, whatever the world can provide for the future we will deplete in our conflicts with one another. So this is a really critical time that you have come into the world. And it, you’re not here by accident. Though you may have other reasons or beliefs in why you are here or what you want to accomplish in life, there is a core responsibility that lives in all of us. It’s been put there by our source.

And as I said, whether you’re religious or not, it is still there, that deeper part of us that is still connected to God, that is beyond all religious ideology and theology, that is the essential element in who we are. It’s the immortal part of us that is here to serve the world. As you can begin to gain contact with that, take the steps towards that realization, then you begin to find the source of your greater strength, your greater wisdom, your greater direction in life. Otherwise at the surface of your mind and surface of life, life is haphazard; it’s dangerous; you’re vulnerable to change.

You do not use the eyes to see that God has given you because the world is dominating your eyes and your vision and your ears. This is listening for something deeper, more profound, more complete and more true than anything you can see on the landscape of the world. And this is what we’re going to talk about today.

So what Marshall is speaking of is a great power within us, a spiritual power that lives within each of us. In essence you, me, all of us, the leaders of government: we will either be moved by one of two things, primarily. We will either be moved by the forces that have been moving us and have delivered us to this point where we stand today—the forces of greed, the forces of ambition, casting others out, creating elite groups, self-interests, self-seeking—we’ll either be moved by that or we’re going to be moved by something else.

And that’s really what Marshall’s speaking about today, is this something else. What is this something that leads people to do things maybe not in their self-interest? Or to forgive people that they normally wouldn’t forgive, or wouldn’t even like? What is this quality of conscience, of compassion, of forgiveness, of willingness to collaborate and cooperate with people unlike themselves? What is this?

And what we would like to tell you today is that this is a force that lives within each person. It is innate, innate to our human, humanity and our human spirituality. It is at the center of who we are. What we call it is Knowledge. This is what the New Message reveals it to be: Knowledge, which is this force that enables us to know and to be certain and to be clear beyond all beliefs, preferences, fears that live within the mind.

And believe it or not, despite what the world is facing, this huge wall of challenge before us, at all levels, we believe and we feel to be true that this Knowledge is enough to carry us through. Whatever you are facing Knowledge is enough to carry you through.

This Knowledge will be at the foundation of the great agreements, the great scientific discoveries, the great humanitarian efforts that are launched in the years ahead, as people at a gut, deep, inner place know something must be done. Something must be different. Something is not OK in the world.

And so I’d like to talk about this Knowing, and ask Patricia to speak on this.

Yes, the spiritual power that the New Message refers to and calls forth from us we might know it to be our deeper voice of conscience. Perhaps when we’re on the move day to day it could be the gut feelings that we experience. This is this deeper conscience.

The political process is one thing. However, what are we doing, what are we feeling and what are we seeing? You know this is something that’s been prevailing, a pressure I think many of us have been experiencing as we’ve watched the affairs of, of government unfold in these last many months, and years even, in years.

It’s like, where do we place our faith? Beyond ourselves or within ourselves? This voice of conscience is not unfamiliar to us. However, often it’s crowded out. It’s, we can barely hear it, feel it perhaps sometimes. And I hear Marshall continuously calling people back to this response-ability. You know, are we responsive to the wisdom that we have right within our own vision, to the next action we may take, you know?

This is the era of seeing, knowing and taking action. That’s the time we’re in now. The New Message has come to help us, to be a resource for us—to call us to this higher vantage point, and to conduct our affairs from there, to conduct our relationships from there. You know, yes…

This might seem to be beyond reach, but in fact as Reed says and Patricia says, this lives within us. This is the core of who we are. It’s what we’ve learned in the world; it’s how the world has dominated our minds, our feelings, our emotions and our decisions that has led us away from our natural self.

And I want to point this in contrast to religious belief because religious belief is important because it gives people a focus and understanding. But religious belief needs to be governed by this deeper power of Knowledge within us. Otherwise it becomes very vulnerable to manipulation by political forces, by aggressive individuals, by world events and by our own fear and emotional states. And we have seen how destructive religious belief can be, certainly throughout history and in recent times.

We’ve also seen how religious belief can really serve people, inspire people, uplift people. It can cross beyond borders. It can cross beyond tribes. It can heal wounds. But it has to be governed by a deeper conscience. You see what I’m saying? So important.

You can disparage religion because of the, the errors of religious belief. But the fact is spirituality is the greater part of each person, and holds for us a greater destiny and a greater purpose for being here. So whether you consider yourself to be religious or not, or have a religious affiliation or not, it is this deeper power that we speak of that holds your redemption and your true direction as we face an increasingly unstable and uncertain world.

RS: Uh huh

You know this power related to seeing, knowing and taking action in our lives is a tremendous responsibility. And what we all too often do, for a variety of many reasons, some of which are legitimate, is that we defer. We defer to God. We defer to political process in government. [To Marshall] What would you say to this tendency of ours to defer? To defer?

Well, that’s the really important question because the New Message tells us that God is not going to save the world, that God has sent us here to save the world. And we have been sent into the world at a time within circumstances we’re now beginning to see that represents where that service needs to happen.

So if people feel that God is managing everything then people defer, and people are taught in religious institutions or traditions to defer. But the New Message really corrects this, because personal responsibility is huge here, alright? God wants to empower us to become responsible, to become service-minded, to take the course of action that the inspiration within us guides us to do and would naturally guide us to do. This power exists in every person, no matter what their standing in society, no matter what their condition or circumstances.

We can be of service wherever we are, with the people around us, with the environment around us. We have this strength and power, but it has to be recognized and supported and cultivated within our own awareness.

PS: Yeah

And The New Message from God provides, I feel, a pathway to doing this that is usable by people all over the world, be they rich or poor—very simply presented, very clearly presented, very powerfully presented.

But what, however you approach this through your religious tradition, because this is at the heart of all of the world’s religions, if you can go to the heart of religion you will see these very things that we are speaking of here today, because the calling is the same, given throughout history at different turning points in our history and evolution.
So we have to understand the difference between religious belief and real religious experience— very, very different. Without religious experience religious belief becomes governed by politics, emotion and social conflict. It becomes a tool to be used by other forces. And certainly we have seen this throughout history and certainly increasingly in our current times.

You know, Marshall, you, what you just said, which is protection of the mind from manipulation, [MVS: uh huh] from the force of manipulation which is becoming so prevalent, that I think is one of the har—, sorry, one of the hallmark qualities of Knowledge, the power of Knowledge, and what it can do for each of us. Because the modern world is showing [MVS: mmm] that people can be led to believe many different things that are not true [MVS: yes] , for whatever reason, at the level of desire, fear, anger, reaction, unmet personal needs, which we all have. We all have these things. And there are forces and groups in the world that would seek to use that, that would serve their ends, that would seek to stoke it, amplify it, redirect it, [MVS: mmm] OK?

And so we have this power within us called Knowledge, which cannot be manipulated. And this is one of the most important parts of Knowledge, especially at this moment.

MVS: yes

You know, talk about the responsibility conferred upon us by our own Knowledge, by this experience of conscience [starts to read]:

You have to look ahead to see where you are going and to see what is coming your way, for God has given you the eyes to see and the ears to hear. But these are not the eyes that you see with [MVS: mmm] or the ears that you hear with, not yet.

MVS: Yes!

PS [still reading]:
While your mind struggles to understand, the deeper part of you already knows. It knows enough for you to take the next step that has been waiting for you.

This is responsibility…

And this is so important, this power of Grace that lives within us is not afraid of the world; it is not driven by the world and its preoccupations. It cannot be manipulated by the world. So what does that mean? That means it represents the truest and most reliable part of us. For I tell you that God would not give us so much responsibility if we did not have this Knowledge, because we would misuse it; we would lose it; we would forget it; we would go away from it. We would be manipulated and controlled and influenced to seek other things in the world, to seek fulfillment in other ways, however true or false they may seem.

God gives us this conferral because God has put Knowledge within us. And that is what assures that this conferral can be recognized and can become responsibly understood and expressed in this world.

So as the world faces these very confusing days, weeks and months ahead, troubling days, weeks and months ahead, and challenging next steps at all levels, we’re here to bring something forth. We’re here to bring it back down to a very essential level, [MVS: uh hum] no matter who is elected, no matter what happens, Knowledge lives within each of us, and it knows what we each need to do. And at that level real change…

MVS: Yes.

…real change will come about.

So this is, brings up another important point that I’d like to bring forward. It has to do with forgiveness, because if you see that all human error, all human violence, all human tragedy is the result of people not being aware of this Knowledge, not following this Knowledge, not expressing it with wisdom, then you can begin to forgive people as God forgives people. For the New Message tells us there is no hell and damnation; there is no judgment day, because God knows that without this Knowledge to guide us we will live a haphazard life. We will be prone to error and manipulation. We will fall into anger, grievance and fear.

It’s inevitable, because we’re living in a difficult world, a physical world of separation where competition exists, deprivation exists. The threat to our survival is ever present in so many different ways, and has always been that way. That is why God has put Knowledge within us, why we live in this reality.

PS: hummm

God does not have to manage the world; that was all set in motion at the beginning of time. But God has given us the perfect guiding intelligence. It is not our personal possession. So your Knowledge and my Knowledge are not, belong to you exclusively or to me exclusively, but are connected together intrinsically. Thus Knowledge becomes the great peacemaker in the world.

But Knowledge gives us the understanding that we can forgive ourselves and the world around us because we see ultimately there’s only Knowledge within us and the need for Knowledge within us and around us. All the tragedy of human history, the tragedy of people’s lives, the great difficulties we have had, the lost years we’ve had due to our own mistakes is all a product of our not being guided by this Knowledge that God had given to us.

And in this sense this is the ultimate endowment. You can pray for dispensations. You can pray for relief from pain. And certainly you can pray for these things, and the Angelic Assembly listens to this. But ultimately God has given us the answer. The answer lives within you at this moment, waiting to be discovered.

Now, the New Message gives us many other things to think about and to do as well. And we can certainly spend a little bit of time talking about this because a change, you know, a sea-course change of our lives and of the world needs to happen because we’re going down a path of disintegration currently. And we’re going down it pretty heedlessly.

And so, it’s not enough that a few people are aware of it, a few people are trying to sound the call to awaken. It is something that ever more numbers of people need to pay attention to, without grievance and condemnation; that’s very important, because grievance and condemnation blinds you. You will not be able to see clearly if you’re filled with grievance and anger and repudiation. You will not have the eyes to see.

If you think your understanding is sufficient, you will not have the ears to hear what the world is telling you; what Knowledge within you is telling you; what others are telling you. You have to open up these channels of perception to be able to see and hear with the power that God has put within you.

The New Message, to this end, speaks of this Knowledge in these terms. It says that we must find our center in a crashing world. It uses these terms. [MVS: uh huh] It describes the situation in this way, amazingly. It said [reading]:

You must find your center in a crashing world. You needed it yesterday. You’ll need it five years from now. You’ve always needed it. And now you will need it ever more importantly, for things that you depend upon or assume to be there for you may not be there for you.

A point of stability. A center in a crashing world within us. Sanity. [MVS: Yes] Stability. Here. [points to self]

You can feel that crashing world. You know, there is a level of anxiety and uncertainty and deep, deep concern, I know I’ve felt, about the world. And every day brings something new [PS: Right], as if every week and month bring some unbelievable world event that cannot be happening. “This cannot be happening.”

MVS: Yes

War in Syria and Iraq. Millions of people on the move in Europe. Conflict in nations in East Asia, South Asia. All over the world these, these really concerning things are going on. And so this world in a sense, it is a crashing world. It’s not the world we grew up in. It’s not the world even I grew up in, just a few decades ago. It is a different world; it is a new world reality.

MVS: Yes

Something has fundamentally changed and shifted right underneath our feet. It’s almost like you can feel it, right through your feet. Something is different about the ground, the ground that we stand upon.

MVS: Yes

And as a result, something new, very new, is needed. We can’t just reapply the teachings of the past [MVS: uh huh], the religious principles of the past, high human ethics, you know, of the past. Something else is needed [MVS: Yes] to contend with a very new world reality…

MVS: That’s right.

…in which we live.

That’s right, and that’s the calling. It’s very fundamental. The things that are calling us now are very fundamental. They’re not highly intellectual. They don’t require a complex ideology or education. I mean the rice farmer in Southeast Asia knows that the weather, that the world is changing because of forces happening beyond their own country. Or in the southern Sahara: the soil that was once rich and moist is now turning into dust and blowing away.

These are the events that are happening in major regions of the world where millions of people live, OK? They have nothing to do, really, with political intrigue. They’re not conspiracies being driven by certain elect, elite individuals. This is nature happening. We have a fundamental relationship with our world that most people are not aware of and do not think about.

RS: uh huh.

They don’t know where their food comes from. They don’t know where their water comes from. They don’t know where their energy comes from. OK? The very things that uphold their daily life they’re not aware of.

This is this world awareness, because, as Reed said and as Patricia says, we have to become world people now. We can’t just become products of our own culture. We can’t just become nationalized only within our nations or our tribe group. We have to become world people, because what happens elsewhere in the world is going to directly affect the outcome for you and most certainly for your children.

I’d like to read a passage here from the New Message [reads from passage on screen]:

The nations of the world will have to cooperate to a greater extent than has ever been done before. This includes sharing of resources rather than struggling over them or competing for them. For if one part of the world becomes chaotic, the rest of the world will be greatly impacted. No longer can nations simply serve their own interests, disregarding the well-being of nations around them, because the world is far too interdependent. The human family now depends upon stability, not only within the realm of its own nations, but beyond it as well.

So we, we are in a burning house situation; this is a burning house. The world is like a burning house. And in a situation like that you need a different kind of response.

MVS: That’s right.

The New Message calls upon responsibility, or as Marshall pulled that apart: response-ability—the ability to respond. [MVS: Yes] And that is founded on the ability to discern the situation. What is the situation in our world? Because if you can’t see that and you think you’re living in 1950, or 1900, or 1850; or we’re living in a world of infinite abundance; or we’re living in a world that needs to follow one spiritual teacher, one messenger, one guru; you’re going to miss the ability to respond [MVS: Yes] because you haven’t discerned the situation.

And so if we are living in a burning house situation, how do you regard the person next to you; who is different from you; who disagrees with you; who has a different political, religious affiliation than you? How do you regard them? And what we see in the world today is disregard. We see people disregarding each other, almost deleting a whole other part of the human family from the equation of the future, like as if we could get rid of this person. You even hear people talking about killing the oppo— the opponent political individual, like as if you can just eliminate them from the picture.

And in a burning house situation, you can’t eliminate people from the picture. [MVS: No] You have to work together to address the burning house.

Right. You know the burning house is a beautiful image. In fact it’s used in a few places in the New Message. You know you may not see the fire, but you can smell the smoke. And where there’s smoke, there is fire. OK, there’s a lot of smoke now in this burning house. I’m talking configuratively here. And it’s affecting you, and it will affect you increasingly.

You know, in the burning house you just can’t save your part of the house; you’ve got to save the whole house. People in wealthy nations just can’t simply disregard the rest of the world to pro-, to secure and preserve their lifestyle if the rest of the world dies and falls into chaos.

We’re dealing with world change now—big time, huge world change. It’s beginning with the planet and what we’ve done to it. But it’s also beginning with the decline of resources and the level of corruption and conflict that has wasted us so far—wasted you, wasted your inspiration, wasted your opportunities.

This is a calling to come out of our self-obsession and to become people who are vehicles of service in the world. That takes some preparation; it doesn’t happen overnight; it’s not just an idea. Because many people need to be in service to the world; there are too few people who are responding. Not everyone will respond, as we’ve been saying. But can you respond? Go beyond your ideas, your beliefs, your admonitions against others and to see: I need to serve people. And I need to take care of this world that provides a place for all of us to live because if it declines, we will decline with it, most assuredly.

So the Message is very clear; it’s very powerful; it’s very simple. It’s not clothed in complex ideas. How these things can happen between nations and people does produce complexity. And it will be up to us and many others to try to find ways to make this work.

PS: Yeah

RS: Yeah

But if the will and the intention is not there, nothing is going to work. If people are not willing to change on the inside, then what can governments do? You can elect new leaders. Different parties. Different economic theories. But if the people will not change, nothing is really going to happen that’s very substantial.

So the New Message is talking about a kind of transformation within us—a very healthy, a very wholesome, very real transformation—that is naturally meant to happen. It’s not an artificial thing at all. And part of my task in the world is to call this forth from people.

And I know full well how difficult this can be to respond to. This is not an easy thing to take on. [RS: uh huh] This is not a pleasurable and simple journey or task. It is a great calling. But it is only great callings that brings out greatness in people. The greatness in you will never come forth if you live a life of withdrawal and repose, or are only concerned with your own happiness.

The greatness within you, the gift, the light within you will not come forth unless you take on something bigger in life. And that can be just something in your local community; it could be something in your local environment. It doesn’t have to be world stage, but it has to serve something bigger.

It is this service that is restorative to who we are. And this is part of God’s plan, is to put everyone living in separation into service to one another as much as possible. And we are living at a critical turning point where this becomes not just an option; it’s not just for personal fulfillment. It’s for survival. It’s for wellbeing. It’s for everything that we value right here, right now.

Thank you, Marshall. It’s amazing, and you know we’ve used these terms: burning house and crashing world. There’s a tremendous sense of imperative there and yet this is what this Revelation and this man say [reads]:

You have to be centered in a crashing world. However, you learn experience by experience, moment by moment. It will not come all at once for you are not ready for that. In the meantime you must follow and be as honest as you can about what you are doing and about your own thoughts and feelings.

RS: um hum

PS: So compassionate.

RS: Yeah

So that brings up another thing I’d like to mention here is about honesty. [PS: Right] Because really what Knowledge can mean in your understanding is being really honest. Not just honest to your ideas; not just what you tell yourself or what other people tell you. Honest in what you most deeply feel deep within you, beneath the surface of your intellect. The intellect is not the source of truth. [RS: mmm] It is only a vehicle for guiding you in the world, OK? But you have to be in the driver’s seat and have intellect be a vehicle for you to navigate the world.

To engage with Knowledge is to be truly honest. To avoid Knowledge is to not be honest. Honesty is not simply being faithful to your ideas because what you tell yourself is really the source of honesty or dishonesty. So we’re talking about becoming really honest now—not hiding, not pretending, not running away, not asserting your views, [RS: mmm] or insisting upon your understanding or your belief about the world. It’s about becoming really honest.


And the New Message teaches about honesty in such a profound way. It takes it right down to the core of who we are, OK; walks right past our ideas and beliefs and affiliations, to what we most deeply feel, because what we most deeply feel is where Knowledge is going to speak to us most powerfully.

And Knowledge will speak to each of us slightly differently, perhaps. Some people will be impacted by images. Some people will have great ideas. Some people will have really physical sensations. Knowledge will work through you depending on your openness to it and your own individual nature and design. But it really comes down to being an issue of honesty.

Are you here to serve? Are you here merely to consume? Are you a saint upon the land? Or are you a locust upon the land? And I use these strong terms because the times require this. I have to be really honest with you about these things, and call for this honesty within you because I know it lives within you, because God put it there. And though it may have been lost, maybe you don’t know of it very deeply at this moment, but it is there. And there’s a journey to rediscover it.

And with this honesty all that is good within you becomes restored and can begin to emerge in your life naturally. So let us be honest with one another, deeply honest, for that is how we’re going to really engage with ourselves and with a disintegrating world.

PS: Beautiful

Beautiful. What, what an essential place to go now, given what’s going on in our world. Honesty. Simply to feel, as I’m sure you do, when you look out on the world and you hear what’s happening and what’s being said and what’s being proposed, how do you feel about that, really? Is that OK? What, is that, is that what must be? Or is that what must not be? And I think it’s at this deep, subterranean, most essential, most biotic, most core level that the human family can feel out, feel out the journey ahead, feel its way out in the difficult times to come.

What is OK? What is not? What must be? What must not be? And so, place your faith there [MVS: Yes], that the human family carries and possesses this ability to know, to know what is right and what is not right, and to move with that. And people can call that out of each other as I’m sure they are and do. How do you really feel about that? Even someone you don’t agree with, go try that.

When they’re talking about, you know, something at the level of the mind, you know, up here [taps side of head], which might be driven by fear or anger or confusion or distrust, ask them, “How do you really feel about that? Does it feel right to you?”

Yes. People have replaced this deep feeling with belief and this is where belief becomes shallow and easily manipulated, as it has been throughout history.

The feeling for the world is very important, and the understanding is very important. So this is something you’re going to have to give your attention to. It’s not something that’s just going to happen because you spend a few moments thinking about it. It now begins, becomes something it needs to become a real focus in your life
And to proceed, again, you have to begin to set aside condemnation and disparaging views of others because without Knowledge everyone’s going to live in error. Everyone’s going to make grievous mistakes. Tragedy will occur. Everything that we know to be wrong and evil and inappropriate and dangerous will arise. And this is why God’s New Message for the world has come to invigorate the teaching and Knowledge in all religions, and the reality of God’s gift to you, which is the eternal life which already lives within you and is here to serve the world while you are in the world as an individual.

This is the beauty and the compassion of our Creator. You don’t have to please God. God is not a person like we are. The Lord of a billion, billion, billion races and more doesn’t need to be adulated. But what God has put within us does need to be recognized and served. It’s elemental. Be you of any religion, be you of no religion, God has put the power of Grace and Knowledge to guide you.

This is what we are speaking of today. This is what the world needs from you and from as many people as possible as we enter a new world reality, for which we are unprepared and largely unaware.

Thank you, Marshall. Beautiful. Well, you might ask, OK, that’s good, that’s inspiring, but how? How is that ever going to trickle down into all the various parts of society, you know, who do not think yet in these terms, who do not think about the spiritual power, who are not perhaps ready for it?

And it is to meet that end that God has spoken again. It is to enable Knowledge to emerge in enough people in time that god has spoken again.

MVS: Yes

Patricia and I are going to share with you three very powerful passages that, that form the very beginning of the New Message from God text and Teaching. This is from “The Proclamation,” of the New Message. [reads from passage on screen]:

There is a New Message from God in the World. It has come from the Creator of all life. It has been translated into human language and understanding through the Angelic Presence that oversees this world. It continues the great series of transmissions from the Creator that have occurred over centuries and millennia. It is a New Message for this time and the times to come.

PS [reads from passage on screen]:

The New Message from God is here to alert, to empower and to prepare the human family—people from all nations and religious traditions, from all tribes, groups and orientations. It has come at a time of great need, a time of great consequence. It calls upon the great spiritual presence within each person—the great endowment of Knowledge that has been given to the entire human family, which must now be cultivated, strengthened and brought forth. [Patricia reads, “forward,” instead of “forth.”]

RS [reads from passage on screen]:

It speaks to the great spiritual need of the individual—the need for purpose, meaning and direction. It speaks to the great relationships that people can establish with one another, relationships representing their higher purpose in life. It speaks to the needs of the world and the needs of the future.

[MVS sighs]

So know, know that God has spoken again and that there is a Message in the world—a living communication that just seeks to reach you and others, that just seeks to speak to people. And it has come through Marshall Vian Summers, my father, over a 30 year period; a communication that flowed through him translated by an Angelic Presence, spoken, recorded and now made available to the world, in both its written and spoken form.

First time in history [PS: Yeah] this has happened.

First time in history you can hear the voice that spoke to a Messenger of God—A Messenger such as Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha; spoke to them at their place of revelation. And now that voice is speaking across the world, reaching across the world.

And we’re about to hear that voice of Revelation in its message to political leaders at this time of tremendous political change and uncertainty.

Yes, and so we have three questions as well, for discussion. And we invite you to discuss in the comments section of this video these three questions; express yourself; share how you feel. And please respond to how, to what you’ve heard from Marshall Vian Summers today, who’s given a pretty amazing, revolutionary perspective at a time of division and conflict and confusion in this world. And alongside this discussion we are going to play, as Marshall said, “God’s New Message for Political Leaders.” And at the conclusion the broadcast will end and the discussion can continue.

So, thank you for joining us and please engage in this important discussion and or listen, please listen, to this New Message from God for the political leaders of the world.

[The audio of the Revelation plays now as these questions appear on the screen:
1. How do you feel about the outcome of the 2016 US Election (as well as Brexit and other significant events in 2016) and what it could mean for the United States and for the rest of the world?
2. What do you see happening in the next four years as a result?
3. The New Message from God tells us we are facing a global environmental, economic and political emergency. How do you feel about this and how might it affect your life?]