Freedom is a journey that you must take, and you will begin to take it once you realize how unfree you really are. Even if your circumstances give you great opportunity you’ll come to realize that your mind is not free, conditioned as it is from culture, society and perhaps even religion itself. When you realize how unfree you really are, you will begin the freedom journey.


Many people will not be able to change their circumstances significantly in many places in the world, but they have the opportunity to change their inner life and to discover their connection with your source through God’s New Revelation for the world.

Here the inner freedom is more important in the long run than whatever outer freedom you may acquire. For there there are many people in the world who have very few restraints and yet their lives are for nothing—being wasted, given to hopeless pursuits, meaningless relationships and terrible compromise. Do not envy them if they do not have this in your freedom.

And what is inner freedom but the ability to follow the deeper conscience, the deeper voice of Knowledge that God has given you to follow, which alone holds your greater promise and meaning in the world and those relationships that will be key to the fulfillment of the greater purpose that has brought you here at this time?

Accept that you are not free even if you are unrestrained on the outside. Realize you cannot get find the deeper voice—living at the surface constantly busy, constantly striving, constantly seeking that which you think will make you happy and secure, missing that one great voice, that one true impulse, that one true connection within yourself. which alone can assure you of these things and the quality of relationship and meaning is your heart truly desires.

God’s New Message is for the whole world, not merely for the privileged, not merely for those living in free nations, not merely for those who seem to have the greatest opportunities, but for people at all stations of life, in all circumstances. For the power of redemption lives within and the Knowledge that God has placed within you to follow.
This is the most essential aspect of your freedom journey. Neglect this and you will merely mimic others who you think are freer than you, without ever realizing they are still in bondage, without realizing that they are still lost.

The Great Calling goes out to all who are separated, for God has put Knowledge within all, waiting to be discovered—the deeper mind, the greater intelligence, which alone holds for you your destiny and the recognition of those relationships which will be key to discovering this and fulfilling this purpose in life.

The journey begins with dissatisfaction. The journey continues because you must press on. The journey accelerates because you are finally beginning to be truly honest with yourself. The journey is fulfilled because you have created a greater allegiance within yourself, which is your true allegiance in life.

I pray that you will find this in your discomfort and your dissatisfaction, in the compromises that you have made. In your suffering, in your hopelessness, in your grievance with others, you will see there really is a door within you that must be opened. Yet you must see it and respond to it.

God’s New Revelation for the world provides the Steps to Knowledge. It is a teaching from the Source. It is not a human creation. Through its power and mystery, it can reveal to you the true nature of your life that has always been there within you, waiting to be discovered.

I pray you will take this journey. When you become aware of it, I pray that you will see as soon as possible that it is what you have been looking for.It is what is true and needed in vital. It is what the world is starving for. It is what will redeem each person, rich or poor, in every nation, in every religion. Even beyond this world, in every inhabited world in the universe, the separated are reclaimed through this Knowledge that you now have the opportunity to discover and to experience as never before.

May your need for freedom then be a sign that you are ready to begin a greater journey—not a journey that you control, not a journey that you can manage or govern, but a journey that will provide the steps for you to take as you learn to find your true strength, your true determination, your true compassion and your true relationship with your Source and with those who are waiting to receive you in this world.