If you want to talk about spirituality, let’s not talk about peace and ascension. Let’s talk about service in the world. We’ve all been sent into the world for these times, to face these circumstances at a higher spiritual level. That’s why we’re here.

And if we’re not doing that, we’re not at ease with ourselves. We may have many comforts, but we’re uncomfortable. We have many distractions, but we’re frustrated.

From my point of view, this is the right time to be here. And you are amongst the first to respond to the reality of contact in our world. It isn’t what we want. It won’t make you happy. But, boy, will it call from you power and strength you didn’t know you had.

It is a warning. It is a blessing. And it requires preparation.

In this talk given at a conference in Peruíbe, Brazil, in July 2019, Marshall discusses the spiritual reality of service in world when facing alien visitation.