There are four fundamental activities of the [secret extraterrestrial] Intervention, and the Allies of Humanity Briefings deal with this in great detail, which I cannot do here today.

The first is to establish connections with people in positions of power and influence in governments, commerce and religion. Remember the Intervention wants to remain hidden. They’re doing everything they can to remain hidden. Even as they fly through our skies and they’re witnessed by airline pilots and military pilots and millions of people on the ground, they want to be hidden. So to influence people in positions of power by offering them technology, unlimited power or predominance in the world, I mean, some people cannot resist this. You can think of leaders of certain countries who at this moment could not resist these temptations. Very powerful.

The next is to establish hidden bases on Earth from which they can operate. Since they cannot breathe our atmosphere, they cannot expose themselves to our biological environment; they have to seek places to hide their craft. If they come and go from Earth, that gets noticeable. If they live in our oceans, it could be hard to detect them, or in mountainous areas in places. But they need a presence here to do what they’re doing. And they need an off-planet presence in our solar system as well to help them.

This is a long-range project for them. They don’t live near us. In fact, the Intervention lives in space. They don’t really have planets of origin. They just represent other planets who could not be doing this here without serious problems arising for them.

The third avenue is to affect our religious impulses and aspirations by emphasizing that we’re totally corrupt and we cannot redeem ourselves. But [they say] they are not corrupt; they are enlightened and they can redeem us. Look at the history of intervention in our world how the intervening forces, the European powers, would turn their people against their native leaders, citing all the abuses and inequality and other oppression—everything—that the native peoples were experiencing. That’s how you get the native peoples to work for you because you need them to work for you. This is what is happening in the world today.

This video is excerpted from an interview with Marshall Vian Summers by Levy Carneiro in Brazil, April 2019.