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The soul’s needs can only be met by your discovering and fulfilling your greater purpose here. Since your intellect cannot figure this out, you must follow the guidance of Knowledge. And you must learn of the power and the presence of Knowledge within your life.

The Soul JourneyIt is really very simple, but it will not seem simple because your mind will be confused. Because Knowledge is mysterious, it does not fit in with your ideas. You cannot control it; you cannot define it; you cannot express it to your friends in words because Knowledge is a profound experience of seeing, knowing and acting. It will seem rare and confusing at the outset, but in time you will see that it is the most natural thing for you to do.


This is your journey in the world. It is a journey that will continue beyond this world. It is a journey that you cannot define by ideas alone. Knowledge will take you on this journey, and it will give meaning, purpose and direction to your life.

You will see that there is a deeper current of your life. Beyond all of your thoughts and the events of the day, there is a deeper current running in your life. This is what will give you strength and purpose and wisdom as you proceed.

It is necessary here for you to realize that who you are is not your mind, not your thoughts, not your beliefs and that your true existence is beyond them—beyond these things and that God is beyond these things. An idea cannot be a replacement for a real relationship. And real relationships transcend your ideas. Your real relationship with God transcends your ideas, or the ideas of your culture or your religion.