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Look at the stars in the sky, and consider them in light of the Revelation that has been provided for you here, and ask yourself, “Why am I so drawn to this? Why is this of interest to me? What is my connection to life beyond this world?”

You have a greater relationship with life beyond your world. You have this greater relationship because it represents both your future and your past. If you are drawn to life in the universe or have an inexplicable interest in the prospects for Contact, or if you are fascinated with the night sky and the recognition that you live in space, it is because you have had past experience in the Greater Community. Perhaps you have lived in many places, and you bring this with you. It is part of your inner nature.

You have a greater relationship with life beyond your worldYou have relationships abroad that were established perhaps long ago. But they are still real, for genuine relationships do not die when people pass away. They are permanent creations. Therefore, you may have deep relationships with individuals in the Greater Community. You most certainly have deep relationships amongst the Unseen Forces within this world, for they have brought you into this world and helped prepare you for this life experience.

Perhaps you are drawn to a greater Knowledge and Wisdom, Knowledge and Wisdom from the Greater Community, far surpassing anything that has yet been realized or established here on Earth. Perhaps you realize this is part of your greater purpose in some inexplicable way. There is a connection, a relationship, a deep bond that runs beneath the surface of your mind that you experience sharply from time to time. Perhaps reading and studying these teachings arouse a sense of ancient memory in you or a sense of future responsibility.

Whatever is the case, you likely have a relationship and a connection to the Greater Community. This is entirely appropriate, for many people have come into the world at this time who have a very strong connection with the Greater Community. For this is the time that humanity will begin to emerge into the Greater Community and will have to contend with visitation and intervention from the Greater Community—a great turning point that few people recognize.

For those who especially feel that they have a deeper relationship with the Greater Community, it is a time of great significance. It has affected their life journey so far, as if they were living two lives: one a normal life of a person in the world, and the other a greater life, a life that is connected to greater things that are beyond the scope and interest of most people.

You cannot erase the accomplishments and the relationships you have made in the past, in your past life experiences. You bring this forward with you. If much of your history has been beyond this world, then that is part of your gathered wisdom. It is part of your orientation, and it represents part of your network of relationships.

Even the scientists who study the skies and the heavens, even they have a connection to the Greater Community. Perhaps they only consider it within the context of their scientific study, training and interest. But there is a connection there nonetheless—an abiding fascination, a deep interest. They are drawn to it. It is significant for them. Even the person who has no interest in spirituality, even a person whose vision is entirely based on human reason and logic, even they too will be drawn to the Greater Community. Even a person who has had very little history in the Greater Community can be attracted, for it represents your future and your destiny.

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