A New Message for Young People

In wealthy nations, life is too easy for young people. They do not see how serious their decisions really are. They think they can play and give themselves to their hobbies and enjoyments without any future consequence. You will not see this in poorer nations where the choices are few and very consequential. And in really poor nations, there are no choices for so many people.

Therefore, those who have the freedom to choose have an immense opportunity. If it is wasted, it is a tragedy because it is an opportunity that is rare. And it is an opportunity you may not have in the future, facing Great Waves of change in the world—environmental degradation, climate change, violent weather, economic and political instability and the growing risk of conflict and war that this all will create.

To waste your great window of opportunity is really to forfeit the one great chance in your life. For these chances will not be there in the future. The future will not be like the past.

Humanity is facing declining resources in the world. It will change everything in how people live and in the choices and opportunities that are available to them.

If you really saw how important this was, you would not want to waste your time on anything or anyone. Time would be seen as precious. Education is precious. Decisions are really important.

Who you are with becomes very significant. The standards you bring to your relationships and the criteria you have for relationships become really the determining factors in your life. For who you align yourself with and who you unite with in marriage or partnership will determine the kind of life you have. And it will determine the degree to which you can respond to the deeper Knowledge within yourself.

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