Discover your personal revelation


People think of Revelation in terms of the whole world or a nation of people, but there really must be a personal revelation, and this revelation is the result of many steps and many stages. It is not something that you can control. You cannot force yourself to have this revelation because it involves contact with the Spiritual Powers around you and with the Will of the Creator.

Therefore, through arduous spiritual practice or through intense personal affirmation, you cannot make this revelation occur. If your spiritual practice is effective, however, it will hasten and quicken the moment when this revelation will come. But the day and the hour is still beyond you. It is not something that you control. It is not your personal creation. It is part of Creation itself.

Everyone in the world has been sent here for a purpose, to serve in some unique way and capacity. Everyone has the chance to experience a personal revelation, though many will never reach this point in their development.

But at this time, certain people are being called. They are the elect. They are the ones who have taken enough steps in life to reach the proximity of a personal revelation—through their own successes and failures, through their own disappointments and disillusionment, through their own focus, which can bring them towards this great threshold within themselves.

The elect must respond. They have come far enough now where the Revelation is sounding for them. They will feel it within them, and the calling will come from beyond. The time and the place is important. The interactions with individuals who are significant here is very important. It is as if the hour and the moment has been prepared for a very long time. Under very tenuous circumstances, the calling is sounding.

You see, if you are feeling this calling, it is because your time has come. It is the time for your personal revelation to begin. Perhaps you feel ready. Perhaps you do not feel ready. Perhaps you welcome this. Perhaps it frightens you. Perhaps you can accept it. Perhaps you cannot. But the time has come for your revelation.

In your heart, you know this to be true. At a deeper level within you—at the level of Knowledge, the deeper Mind—it is all known and has been anticipated. You have reached an important threshold, and now you must pass through.