a still mind is present to the world

A still mind is a mind that can know. A still mind is a mind that can see. A still mind is a mind that can hear. A still mind is a mind that can feel. A still mind is a mind that can tolerate emptiness. A still mind is a mind that can face success or failure. A still mind is a mind that accepts the reality of things without condoning them.

If you develop in The Way of Knowledge, eventually you will begin to feel the presence of your Spiritual Family with you. Though they seem far away in a whole other dimension of life, in reality they are close at hand. As your mind becomes still, it becomes more like a window than a wall. It becomes more of a membrane between your spiritual reality and your physical reality. Instead of becoming a barrier to the Divine, it becomes a medium for the Divine. A still mind is a mind that develops capacity for experience, for it is not filled with its own ideas and assumptions. A still mind is a mind that is fluid. It is not fixed in a past understanding. It is able to learn and to adapt its learning. A still mind recognizes that the world you see is not the ultimate reality but only a temporary one. Yet it is a reality that commands your attention and your respect nonetheless. A still mind can feel and see the reality of another and can know the pain and the promise in another’s life. A still mind can know who to be with and who to give yourself to. It sees and knows these things because these things are evident to those who can see and know. A still mind can allow life to be mysterious and unpredictable, for anything can happen. A still mind watches the environment because it wants to know what predominant influences exist there. A still mind is present to life and does not rest upon its assumptions. It can encompass new realities and new experiences. It can bridge the gap between the human mind and a mind from the Greater Community. It can discern the motives of those from the Greater Community, motives that escape the awareness of everyone else.

A still mind knows its limits, however, and does not assume that it has infinite powers. A still mind realizes that it is not the Creator but serves the Creator. A still mind realizes how little it knows and how much it must learn and is humble in its approach. A still mind is a mind that is aware of the cause of suffering and is available to learn how suffering can be relieved. A still mind can witness life but not from a safe distance. A still mind can see life as it is now and can feel the impact of life while retaining its greater connection to Knowledge.

Be present and you will have a new experience of love. Be present and you will have a new experience of yourself. Be present and you will be able to have a future, for your past will no longer dominate you as you gain this great skill and capacity. Be present to what is happening now. Be present to who is in your life. Be present to how you deeply feel about things. Be present to your deeper inclinations. Be present to your confusion and uncertainty.

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