So fundamentally, relationships are what you can do together—not the glory of recognition, not the intoxication of romance. It’s what you can do together. That’s what’s going to make or break your relationship. I don’t care what the initial attraction was.

Here the idea of soulmate has no bearing at all. So let’s take that out of the picture. It’s a nice idea, but it’s romance. Because even if you had prior life experience with someone, it doesn’t mean you have anything you can do together in this life, or that if you did, it doesn’t mean that either of you or the other person is ready for that. You could even meet a member of your Spiritual Family, which would be a rare occurrence, and if they’re not able to participate with you, there’s nothing you can do but move on. This can be a very confusing experience.

Likewise, you can’t marry potential in people. This is a problem that many women make, rehabilitating a man who they think is charming or talented, but is addicted to something or is disabled and they’re going to, you know, they’re going to rehabilitate this man. Right? It’s a common mistake. Or vice versa. I mean, the person who is beautiful but lost, and you’re going to help them get back into life, as like a rescue mission.

It’s based on what you can do together. If you can’t do anything together, you really have no business being together. And when you begin this kind of journey that the New Message has set out for us, now you’re about doing things beyond just the normal activities of, you know, work and home and normal activities. Now you’re taking on something bigger. That rules out a whole lot of people because they’re not ready to do that, or they may never be ready to do that. And you can’t make them ready. They’re either ready or not.

In this August 2019 teaching by Marshall Vian Summers, in Boulder, Colorado, Marshall talks about how relationships are all about what you can do together. It’s what is going to make or break a relationship. Marshall speaks on the nature of true relationship that is found beyond romance, initial attraction and the notion of soulmates.