I think the journey is something we’re already in. The New Message talks about the journey tremendously, in great detail, stages of the journey, problems in the journey, opportunities in the journey. This is where you have to really become a student of the Revelation to be able to benefit from this and apply it to your life and circumstances.

One of the key questions is always—not only for someone starting out, but for someone who’s been involved with this for a while—understanding this is a mysterious journey. You have to control yourself to participate in it, but you cannot control the journey. Or you have to control your part of the journey, which is what you do. But you can’t exert your will upon this and make it into what you want it to be. If your request for guidance is honest, then you may still have preferences, but you’re willing to set them aside, which means you have to be aware that you have preferences.

The next is you cannot undo decades of social conditioning and personal behavior and decision making in a matter of weeks, a month, or a year. You’re talking about rebuilding the intellect, taking advantage of its accomplishments and skills, but really rebuilding the mind and the body and your life. That’s going to take time.

But impatience, you know? Impatience can maybe be the only sin. Who is willing to take this time? Who is willing to take the journey of many steps? Who is willing to go through periods of unknowing, uncertainty? You will. That’s also part of your training. Who can wait for the muddy pool to clear? Who is observant enough, patient enough, involved enough to do that?

So the New Message is here to bring you into contact with the greater part of yourself and its greater connection with life and to restore you individually in this process of engaging with Knowledge, experiencing Knowledge, following Knowledge and beginning to live Knowledge. Only Heaven knows how this really works. You can’t copy this and make your own version of it. So it just will not be the same.

Excerpted from a teaching given by Marshall Vian Summers called “Knowledge: The Spiritual Mind Within All of Us,” recorded May 11, 2019 in Boulder CO, USA.