I think The Pure Religion is really an arena of resolution because when you see that real spirituality and religion is based on experience and not on ideology, not on belief—belief does play a role, but it’s only to be helpful, not to be the ultimate because there are no ultimate beliefs.

I think the The Pure Religion is a beautiful means, a way of seeing religion at its very core without human corruption, manipulation, misuse, ignorance. And of course, this is a spiritual fire that ignites people all over the world, every moment of the day to do great works: to forgive people, to serve people, to take care of people, to do good things in all manner of activities.

So I invite you to explore The Pure Religion as a counterpoint to all the things you feel have wounded you in your life. And I think you will find much resolution here, and not just resolution, but a doorway into a new kind of engagement with your inner life.

Marshall Vian Summers responds to an audience question and discusses how to find the spiritual fire that is at the core of every religion. This is part of a teaching given on December 30th, 2019 for the release of the book of Revelation “The Pure Religion.”

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