Marshall Summers is a visionary world teacher who has spent the last 28 years bringing Greater Community Knowledge, Wisdom and participation to people around the world. Translated in over 15 languages, Marshall’s message has become the spark for a movement to unite the world’s tribes and religions, preserve our natural environment and prepare for contact with life beyond our world.

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Marshall: Good to be with you, thank you.

Monique: … I love your newest book called, Life in the Universe. What is life in the universe?

Marshall: Well, life in the universe represents a Greater Community of life within which we’ve always lived and within which human evolution has always taken place. And we are now at the verge of emerging into this larger arena of intelligent life in the universe, an arena of life we know nothing about.

Certainly visitation is already occurring in our world and many people are aware of this, so this, we’re really standing at the threshold of probably the greatest event in human history, in terms of what that will mean for our future and our destiny, what that can do to serve humanity, and potentially harm humanity. So this is a very important time. And, as we are all in the world now for a greater purpose, we are connected to this world, to our world that now stands at the threshold of space.

Monique: Hmm. OK. Now, the information that you have presented in this book, you channeled in two days?

Marshall: Life in the Universe was received over a three-day period. I was, of course, prepared for this book, that it would be given. And when it began it was very momentous for me to receive something like this because in 1997, I received the book Greater Community Spirituality, which is really a book of theology of life in the universe as a beginning, but Life in the Universe really took it much, much further.

And the first part of the book deals with the reality of life in the universe, which is the mundane reality of what’s going on out there, what is life really like out there. And the second half of the book deals with the spirituality of life in the universe, the God of the universe, what is spiritual power in the universe, how is redemption carried about in the universe made up of a billion, billion, billion races and more—so it really throws open the doors of perception to a greater reality that it’s time for us to know about.

Monique: OK, now when you were receiving this information, then putting it together and having it ready to present to us, what, if anything, was shared with you on the state of the world today? You know, we went through the 2012 and whoever that guy was that was predicting the end of the world every other day and it didn’t happen and we’re still here.

I feel that consciousness has shifted a bit, but, you know, my world didn’t fall apart. Was information specially given to you around this time frame and how to gather ourselves if you will, to prepare ourselves for the next step?

Marshall: Well, yes indeed, in fact, the book published before Life in the Universe is called The Great Waves of Change: Navigating the Difficult Times Ahead and this comes from the same Divine Source. It’s all part of this New Message Teaching from God for humanity, to prepare us, not only for life in the universe, but to prepare us for living in a different kind of world, a changing world, what I call a new world.

And this is a very important part of our outer life and our inner life, because, you know, we are preparing spiritually to live in a different kind of world and to live in a universe replete with intelligent life and this is a huge, huge journey, that we really are all participating in, because we’re all going to be a part of that great transition.

So, before Life in the Universe, The Great Waves of Change were given to me—and it’s a very dramatic book—it’s very much dedicated to preparing people primarily internally, because if you don’t know what to follow within yourself, you won’t know what to do in a changing world and you may make the mistake of following the emotions, the uncertainty, the fear and panic of people around you.

Certainly we’re getting mixed messages, you know, from our leaders and governments which seem unable to navigate this difficult and increasingly unstable world. But God has given us the power of Knowledge, the deeper mind, to enable us to navigate the difficult times ahead. So [Monique interrupts, stops] the most potent thing we have to prepare is the power of Knowledge within us, because this is God’s gift to us to face and to succeed in a radically changing world.

Monique: OK, so how do we know what to follow within us? I mean, you know, you’ve got six or seven jumbled messages going on within, all of them may make equal sense on any given day, so how do you truly come to your center, your peace and know what message to follow, because the message for me might be different for you and that’s OK it’s all a part of the greater whole.

Marshall: Well that’s an important question, Monique, because there are many voices within us. There’s the voice of our family; there’s the voice of our culture; there’s the voice of individuals who have had a profound influence on our upbringing; there’s the voice of fear; there’s the voice of reason. There are many voices, but there’s one voice that is the voice God put within us to follow.

And in taking the Steps to Knowledge, which is the study in the New Message teaching, you begin to find out where that voice resides within you physically and emotionally, and how to discern it from all the other voices in your mind. And this takes some time, because you know, we’re a little bit of afraid of finding this power.

There’s always a little resistance there and that’s natural and normal for just about everyone. And when you begin to come into the proximity of this Knowledge, which is so powerful, you can feel hesitancy as well as the yearning to reconnect. So this has to be discovered through experience and through taking The Steps to Knowledge, that the New Message provides, which I think is perhaps the most direct avenue that I’m aware of.

And it’s so very important, because when people begin to recognize the experiences of Knowledge they’ve already had in life and can learn how that feels, what is that like for them, what was their experience at that time— did they follow that voice? did they not follow that voice?—that becomes your workshop. That becomes your laboratory for discovering the Power and Presence that lives within you.

Monique: Um, um. And as we discover that, is it, I don’t think anything necessarily in life has to be easy, but is it I guess, a smoother, I guess, road to travel?

Marshall: Well, actually, Knowledge can be very challenging, because its first role is to unburden us from the things that are holding us back and sometimes that can be upsetting. It could mean changing your circumstances, altering, you know, your associations with other people, changing your priorities and things like this, because Knowledge is not here just to make you feel good.

It’s actually here to take you somewhere in life, to set out on a new kind of journey and you know about this, Monique, so this can be very challenging. But what it gives you is a sense of rightness about your life because, finally, you’re listening to something that’s really authentic, inherent within you, because Knowledge is without fear. It has no fear of the world.

Monique: Right.

Marshall: Because it represents the immortal part of you that cannot be destroyed. It also is the part that cannot be influenced by the world, so it represents the seed and heart of your own integrity and power. And I think people have to discover this power now, because power on the outside is going to be so fractured and so corrupted and so dissonant that it’s going to be difficult for people to know what to follow, to what to trust, to what to really believe in. And perhaps this a time in history when we have the greatest opportunity to discover the power that God has given us, which is the most powerful force in the universe.

Monique: OK, when we get to the point where we are ready to hear that message and ready to take action, is it important for us to share that information, to try to influence others or is it more important just to “walk your path” “hold your light” and allow others to seek you out?

Marshall: I think at the early stages, it’s most important to begin to build this reality. You’re building your inner life. You’re exploring your inner life. And part of this exploration is to really map your life. You know, to know where you are today, you have to know where you’ve been. And a lot of people are running away from their past. They don’t want to look behind themselves. They just want something better, and they’re lunging forward for that. But you really have to do an assessment of your life where you are. Are you living the life you know you were meant to live?—which is a fundamental question.

What decisions have you make [made?] in your life that were really important in leading you forward and which decisions led you astray or betrayed you? And this has to be a very objective and honest self-appraisal. And that’s a challenging thing for people, but that is often the first step to really gain your own bearings about where you are today, how you got there and what the next step for you might be.

Monique: OK. And then, taking that next step and I guess it’s a certain level of expansion, because in your book you talk about, you know, how life in the universe is connected to your other world, so some folks can’t get past that it’s just this world much less, you know, other worlds that we are connected to.

Marshall: Well, when you begin to unravel the dilemmas of your life, you are able to move into a higher order of relationship and recognition, and here, you can begin to discern that you really are connected to this life in the universe, that we’re not just one tribe, one people, one group and one world.

There actually is a bigger connection out there and the value of this is that the universe, once it has been revealed, and I feel in this book it is perhaps being revealed for the first time, in its actual reality, begins to tell us what we need to know and learn and do, because, you know, we take cues from each other. People do that; and often those cues are not helpful at all.

So, you need a larger panorama of life to teach you how to live in the day-to-day life. It’s very instructive in that way. And when people begin to sense that they have a greater destiny in the world and a greater purpose for being here, that begins to set up a whole new set of questions internally. And that can give you the courage to take the next step which can often be a big next step for you in resolving the past and in freeing yourself from unhealthy circumstances.

Monique: OK. So, what is humanity’s purpose in this larger universe of life, now that we are aware that we can expand, that we can take that next step, feel calm and sure within our own surety? What is the purpose…?

Marshall: Well, our purpose is the purpose of all life living in the physical reality and that’s the reclamation through Knowledge, the power of Knowledge that God has given to all sentient life, to redeem that life, to restore that life, and that’s part of the purpose we share with all intelligent life in the universe.

And this understanding really begins to mean that we’re going to have to reassess all of our religious beliefs, because they’ve all been made in isolation within this one world, they’re all very much tied to our past and to antiquity and yet, we’re at the threshold of facing a universe full of intelligent life.

And our God is their God, too. And to know what God is doing in our world, we have to have to know what God is doing in this universe within this Greater Community of life. And that is a Revelation. That begins to throw open the doors to considering God in a whole new way, to consider what our faith means in a whole new way, what God is really asking us to do, because in the end, all spiritual growth and development is to become close to God and what God wants you to do. Because that’s where you end the separation within yourself, you end the separation between you and your Source and your life begins to turn a huge corner.

And there’s another answer to your question, Monique, if I might take a moment on that. We as humanity have not lost our spiritual connection. Despite our many errors and tragedies, despite the war and degradation happening all over the world, we, unlike so many other races in our local universe, have not lost that spiritual connection. So this is one of our gifts to life in this Greater Community, if we can turn the corner in the world, to restore the world and to emerge into this Greater Community of life as free and self-determined peoples.

Monique: Umm, OK. I like that—free and self-determined peoples. Now in your opinion, you know, you used the word God, but is that the same energy as, I don’t know, Allah, Mohammad, all the different leaders of the different religious sects around the world?

Marshall: Well, there’s only one God, and God is what everyone has been trying to approximate, going back even before civilization. What The New Message does, it presents God of the Greater Community, which is the God of countless races, a God of countless religions, a God of countless types of beings very different from us. And this begins to open up the realm of what spirituality really is.

It’s not a worship of an individual. It’s not simply an adherence to a set of religious beliefs. It, in essence, is the return to our spiritual foundation, the Power and Presence of Knowledge within us. And this represents the cornerstone of my teaching, because God restores to us power, dignity, purpose, and direction.

Monique: There’s no vengeance or anything, fire and brimstone, and all of that good stuff?

Marshall: No. The God of The Greater Community is not a vengeful God, so there’s no judgment day, there’s no hell and damnation. It’s just that we’re living in the dilemma of separation, which is problematic and we suffer within this reality. It’s given us a means to end the separation within ourselves, which is the separation between our worldly mind and the power of Knowledge. Or said in other ways, it’s the separation between the part of us that lives in the world and the part of us that has never left God. The separation inherently is internal in that way.

Monique: Well, folks, we’re speaking to Marshall Vian Summers, he is the author of several books. The book we are talking about tonight is: The Reality and Spirituality of Life in the Universe. We do have a caller and she wants to talk about the topic of destiny. So Janice in Canada, are you there?

Janice in Canada: Hi Marshall, how are you?

Marshall: Hello, Janice, thank you, I am well.

Monique: How are you? How can Marshall help you this evening?

Janice: I’m great… Well, I was just listening to Marshall, and speaking of evolving the past and how people would rather move from the past and leave it behind and go for something better. And, I’m just wondering, like advice as to how to be more open to that because it’s normal, I think, to try to move away from pain, especially anything you think might is associated with some more pain, and maybe if your past has been painful, I may understand that, or hopefully, what my understanding is, is that pain that I lived through is to benefit, the purpose is to benefit in a meaningful way, but not sure how and how to be present to do that. Do I make myself clear?

Marshall: I see. Well, certainly, we all carry pain and regret, grievance, and unhappiness within us. It’s part of our experience of being human beings. It’s part of our experience of living in a changing and unpredictable universe. You know, our pain can either torment us for the rest of our life, or it can become the soil for wisdom, for greater wisdom, because our pain teaches us the degree to which we are not being true to ourselves, the degree to which we’re not listening internally for the Power and Presence of Knowledge, the deeper intelligence that God has given us.

In this way, our pain becomes kind of a contrasting barometer. We know if we sink into pain or if we carry pain deeply within us, there is something that has to be resolved there for us. And if we can use pain in this way, pain can actually serve us and make us wise, rather than being a kind of curse that we can carry through life.

You know our mistakes and our errors are actually very instructive for us if we can use them to build wisdom, because every person I know of, who I would consider to be wise, their wisdom has come more out of pain than out of peace and pleasure, because they have gained an insight and a depth that would not have occurred otherwise, had they not gone through those difficult and regretful times.

Janice: I guess in my personal, as you’re talking about that, I’m realizing that it might not just be the pain, it might be the guilt for my part in it.

Marshall: Uh hum. Well, you know, when you open up internally, you begin to have to face all kinds of things inside. And it’s important that you do that with courage and objectivity as much as you can because, you know, if we’re afraid of ourselves, if we’re afraid of our own experience, then we’ll always seek to be obsessed and distracted on the outside. And certainly, this world offers us unlimited opportunities to do that.

I’d like to read to you, Janice, this is a Step from Steps to Knowledge, which, by the way, the entire teaching of Steps to Knowledge is available, at no cost, online at, so anything that I might read from Steps to Knowledge is there for you to read and to study and download and so forth. This is Step 26, “My Errors Give Birth to My Knowledge.” “It is pointless to justify error. That error can bring you to value truth. And in this, it can lead to true Knowledge. This is its only possible value. We do not condone error, but if error occurs, we wish to make it serve your truest need, so that you may learn from it and repeat it no more.”

Now, we’ve all had a “bedrock” of mistakes underneath us that some of which may still give us considerable discomfort, but all of those errors can teach us about what it means to not be connected internally, because all the bad decisions we have ever made were made because we were not connected internally. We were not resonating with the deeper truth that lives within us.

Janice: How do you open up to that deeper truth, though? Just little by little?

Marshall: This is by taking what I was talking about in the interview thus far, The Steps to Knowledge, about gaining, building the connection between your surface mind and the deeper mind within you. And as you do that, you’re able to move off of this turbulent, unhappy and unpredictable surface, into a deeper more quiescent space or state within yourself— a state that’s much more powerful, much more clear and you do this step-by-step, or incrementally.

This doesn’t happen overnight. This is something you’re building; you’re building a bridge to Knowledge, to your connection and it’s spiritual practice, is what it is. And spiritual practice, if it’s conducted wisely and consistently, actually takes you somewhere. Rather than hoping or wishing you could be there—this will take you there. The practice in Steps to Knowledge will take you to Knowledge and will show you everything within you that is not Knowledge, which can be very shocking and very surprising and sometimes very humorous.

Janice: OK, so this is a site that you’re saying or I guess I’m wondering about meditation. But you’re saying that Steps to Knowledge is…

Marshall: Steps to Knowledge will teach you stillness meditation; it will teach you how to practice inner listening. Steps to Knowledge is—it’s in a book. It is a book, but it’s also a series of practices to be done sequentially and these are all available on, if you’d like to go explore them.

What is important about Steps to Knowledge—which was received over a 14-day period back in 1989—I think it is the most stunning book of spiritual practice I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve looked into many, many things. And the amazing thing about Steps to Knowledge is it’s so simple in its language and yet, when you begin to study it, it opens up.

It’s like it sets in motion things internally within you. Your life begins to change; your values begin to change; you seek quiet and stillness more than stimulation and frenzied activities. You seek quiet. You seek deeper conversations with people, deeper connections, rather than just casual conversations. You begin to seek those things that nourish you deeply. And I’m sure that you already seek those things or you wouldn’t be on this show asking these questions.

So Steps to Knowledge begins a process of opening internally that’s really remarkable and if you stay with the Steps, they will take you to that deeper realm of certainty and power that lives within you.

Monique: OK, so Janice, the website he’s saying is The questions that you’re asking, because I can feel them intuitively, are all going to be answered there for you, so I want you to go take a look. OK?

Monique: …And we have Jay, calling in from Alberta, I guess it’s Canada night. Hi Jay!

Jay: Oh Canada! Yes it is… Marshall, hey, it’s good to talk to you and listen to your wisdom. My question is that where did humanity kind of get it wrong a long time ago maybe books or knowledge or things like that? We’ve gotten kind of off the path, if you want to call it that, and just find that I just wonder why all this stuff hasn’t been—how would you say it, what you’re talking about, then when in there earlier, so we won’t have to try to find bits and pieces of that where we are, where we’re supposed to be in our destiny and things like that later on in life. And just wondered whether in ancient cultures did they have this, you know Knowledge and wisdom that you’re talking about, you know? I’m just curious about that.

Marshall: OK. Good, Jay. Well those are good questions. You know, we’re dealing now with a new Revelation and we’re dealing with a new time and a new world. Throughout history, you know, wisdom has been imparted to certain individuals, but has never really been imparted in terms of an entire culture or civilization.

I mean if you read about ancient civilizations, they were very brutal and they were very warlike for the most part. And the larger they were, the more warlike they were, so, you know, the wisdom that we seek, the power that we seek, has been invested in certain individuals over time.

But we’ve come to a time now in the world, where a few individuals, however wise or powerful they may be, cannot really turn the tide for humanity, because we’re standing at the threshold of a declining world, a world of declining resources, a world of environmental, economic and political instability on a scale never seen before. We’re also standing at the threshold of a universe full of intelligent life.

So, we’re really, this is, if you want to have an exciting life, this is a great time to be in the world. But we’ve also come to a time when many people need to reclaim this inner power and certainty and to discover, through that, what has really brought them into the world. It’s easy to complain about the world and I recommend that people not do that, because, you know, this world, this is the world we’ve come to serve and we’ve come here for a purpose, every single one of us has come here for a purpose.

But that purpose remains hidden or unknown for most people. And frankly, you know, the majority of people in the world are too impoverished and oppressed ever to even have a chance to really discover and express that power and purpose.

So, we are living in critical times and this is an opportunity for each person now to claim their destiny and begin to prepare for that destiny, because destiny is not just a definition or an explanation. Destiny is a journey you take in life to a position of greater power and greater clarity. It’s like climbing a big mountain, you know, when you’re down in the forest and valleys, you really can’t see anything.

But to really be able to see the reality of life in the world, you have to see that from a higher altitude and this is what we’re being called to do now. And I think this calling is worldwide and this is a great turning point for humanity—a turning point where many people will become wise and powerful, because only that will ensure that humanity does not destroy itself in the times to come.

Monique: Another question, Jay?

Jay: Yeah, just wondered about 2012, myself personally I’m up and down, interesting personal life; I just wondered was it like that for maybe yourself or maybe people that you know and then here we are in 2013 and here a lot of people are looking for this bright moment in 2013, just wondered if it was like that for you?

Marshall: Well, I don’t pay much attention to date predictions. They’re 98% wrong anyway, over time in history. What we’re involved with is a real shift in the reality of the Earth and a shift in our reality as a result. And so that I think, when you talk about, you know, monumental times, you’re talking about a shift into a different kind of physical reality and this is the purpose of the New Message from God.

It’s really to prepare us for this new reality and also to prepare us to engage with intelligent life in the universe in such a way that human freedom and sovereignty are preserved and strengthened. So, you know, God knows what’s coming over the horizon and we only see things day-to-day and perhaps our notion of history is very small. But God sees the bigger picture. And that is why we are being prepared in the way that we’re being prepared. And the wisdom that’s preparing us far exceeds our own.

And so, I don’t think of 2012 as particularly significant. I don’t think of 2013—however, each year now, because we’re in this time of great transition—each year is going to be very significant in terms of the kinds of changes and difficulties that humanity will have to face. So, we are living in very critical times. Each year is significant in that regard. And if you’d like to know more, I recommend that you explore the book The Great Waves of Change: Navigating the Difficult Times Ahead.

You can go to and read, part of the book is there for you to read. And also, we have a news feed there dealing with the changing environment of the world from news stories from around the world. So, it’s really a fascinating site to visit. And this begins to give you a sense of the importance of our time, which is just not what is going on internally within us. It’s really what’s happening in our environment of life as a whole, and that becomes the context for understanding your spirituality, for understanding what it means to have a destiny.

Monique: OK, well thanks, Jay for calling in.

Jay: Thanks, Monique. Thanks, Marshall.

Monique: …Cray, in Denver, Colorado has written us a message, and Cray says: “Steps to Knowledge, the book of Inner Knowing can be found directly at: This book has turned my life into a new Way of Spirit. It has changed everything and given me purpose, meaning and direction.” So, kudos to you!

Marshall: That’s very good. Well, I wanted to say, Monique, that we have now people studying Steps to Knowledge in, at least as far as I know, in over 71 countries. And so the book is being translated now into over 15 languages. We have a Free School here, where people can participate online as much or as little as they want, at no cost and every two months in the Free School, we study a new part of the New Message Teaching, because it’s so vast and significant.

And this year, we’re studying this next two months, January and February, “The New World”: What is the new world going to really be like and how do we prepare for that? And people can participate at this as much or as little as they like. We have international broadcasts; we have weekly chats; we have forums; we have all kinds of opportunities for people to connect and to explore the meaning of the New Message and what it can reveal about the bigger world we live in and our place within it.

Monique: OK and let’s see. We have a caller. We have Sandy calling in from Pennsylvania. Hi Sandy!

Sandy: Hi there! Thanks for taking my call.

Monique: You’re welcome. How can we help you tonight?

Sandy: Well, I actually had a question for you, Monique about my body energy and my growth and I kind of want to see what you see, anything that stands out, just a balance in general overall.

Monique: OK, so I don’t do generals, if you listen to me, you know I don’t do that and your first part was what? Cause it broke up, I couldn’t quite understand you.

Sandy: I was asking about my chakras and how balanced they are and any ones that stand out for you.

Monique: OK, so you’re asking about your chakras and balance and this, in my opinion, ties into what Marshall has been talking about. And, you know, he basically was talking about we come to our center, we come for our information and we come to a knowing and you can find out this information through his course at

When I’m looking at you, you’re kind of out of balance in a couple of ‘em, OK? First of all, your very first one, OK, the root chakra, survival, is out of kilter and your heart chakra is out of kilter and so it’s about you doing some work on yourself. I would truly recommend the book Steps to Knowledge that Cray had talked about. The book we’re talking about right now is excellent also, but I think for you, a good beginning would be the Steps to Knowledge, the Book of Inner Knowing, Sandy, so that you can truly know for yourself, OK?

And start letting go of what no longer serves you. Marshall is of the opinion that there is one God and you know, not a whole bunch, we all come back to that one point, that one Source. So it’s really gonna be important for you to find whatever peace you need to find within your life, cause I’m seeing a lot of jumble and then to come back to Source, your Source. OK?

Sandy: Um hmmm.

Monique: Do you have anything for her, Marshall, that you would like to share with Sandy?

Marshall: Well, I’m thinking of the book Greater Community Spirituality, which I have in my lap right now, which is also available online at The chapter three, “What is Life Force?”, which talks about how life force functions through us, in us and between us, and it talks about it in such a way not really in metaphysical language as much, but in terms of our visceral experience. And, you know, we have a lot of power internally that we don’t know about and we don’t know how to harness.

And we begin to gain connection with that power and learn how to express it with wisdom. We end up having a much more powerful experience of connecting with other people. In fact, our discernment of relationships becomes ever much more heightened around this, which is so important because so many people are giving their life away, you know, in a meaningless manner, even in a tragic manner, in relationships that have no purpose and destiny. And this discernment in relationships, this power of discernment, this understanding of how energy works through us, is so important. I’m a big proponent of physical fitness. I’m a big proponent of emotional health. I’m a big proponent of being strong and balanced.

Because when you can build those pillars of your life, the four pillars—there’s actually four of them. There’s the Pillar of Relationships. There’s a Pillar of Health. There’s a Pillar of Spiritual Development. And there’s a Pillar of Work. And when all four of those are being attended to, that is when greater things can be given you to see, know and do, because you have a strong enough foundation to carry them.

Monique: OK and the name of that book again?

Marshall: It’s Greater Community Spirituality and the chapter is “What is Life Force?” It’s online; it’s free online. The viewer can go and read it tonight if she so desires.

Sandy: Alright, well thank you for that information.

Monique: OK, Sandy. Thank you for calling in and many blessings.

Sandy: Thank you.

Monique: OK, bye-bye. Well we have Cray calling in from Denver. Hello, Cray.

Cray: Good evening, how we all doin’?

Monique: Doing great. How are you?

Cray: Pretty good, pretty good. I’m actually the same Cray that chatted in earlier with the comment about Steps to Knowledge. I can just say that having done Steps for quite a few years now, it’s been a pretty potent practice in my own life. And Step 10, if someone wants to get an overview of it, they can look at the PDF online, and Step 10 is called “What is Knowledge?” And that’s really a good description of, a good overview of what Knowledge is.

And I can say from my own experience that I don’t make any decisions without, you know, significant decisions, without going to Knowledge on it. And so, when I can do that, then I can get out of my preferences and out of my, you know, preferred outcomes about it, and it gives me a whole new objectivity for making my decisions.

It’s really a good way to check in about, as Marshall talked about, the Four Pillars way of living, you know, about relationships or health issues. Health issues have been something for me personally that have come up out of the blue, didn’t see it, it was in a blind spot, mental health and physical health, of course, is included in that. And then also my work pillar has been another one, which deals with finances and deals with your career or your providership, if you have dependents, or if there’s a cause that you’re giving to, give to.

So for me, those two have been the biggest ones for me that have come up in talking about a Four Pillars life has been the work-slash-providership pillar and then also the health pillar. And as Marshall spoke to earlier, for me, I’ve had, I think like a lot of us, a fair amount of—what would I call it?—pain, discomfort, dismay, the—kind of a misspent youth. And Knowledge really gives you a grounding to come back to after the emotional turmoil of OK, I went through that; but now, like Frodo said, “What must I do?”

So, and then you can sit with that question and continue to ask that question and continue to go to that question day-after-day and things come through. It’s like drilling down a well. Once you get deep enough, it’s right there. I didn’t mean to be… but that’s been my experience with it.

Monique: Well thank you for sharing your experience, because I think it’s important especially these days that people hear Knowledge from other people and hear what’s on their heart. And listening to you, Cray, I can tell that you were truly speaking from your heart. You weren’t just calling up to spit out some words that would make someone feel good. You were truly coming from your heart.

Cray: Yeah, well there’s a lot of grist in the mill for disappointment and I would recommend for anybody who gets into the free chapters, and there are a lot of them online there at, to look into what is the source of their disappointment. That’s been my own personal experience. There’s always something in there for me. And then other people have Knowledge within themselves, too. You have it. Marshall has it. Anyone listening has it.

We’re all born with it, but I think unless you’ve, I don’t know, been raised in a certain way, and don’t have a whole lot of worldly conditioning that you have absorbed, for some of us, it could be a challenge to hear that inner guidance and listen to that inner voice and to follow it, you know, when you have big decisions, to listen to that restraint, to that discomfort, you know, when you’re about to make a mistake. Anyway, I’ll let someone else come on the line. Marshall, I’m glad that you’re on here.

Monique, I’m glad that you’re on here. Take care.

Marshall: That was great. Thank you, Cray.

Monique: Thank you, Cray, many, many, many blessings to you. Now, Marshall, why do you feel that you were chosen as the vehicle to bring this work to mankind?

Marshall: Well, I feel I was prepared before I came into the world, and even in my early childhood, I always felt there was a Presence watching over me. It sometimes scared me as a little boy, you know, the Presence never spoke with me, but there was something in the room watching over me. It was non-threatening, but it was there.

And, I look back now and I see how much of my life was protected and insulated, so that later in my life, when I gained more maturity and strength, I could begin to receive this Revelation, which began in 1982, and has been unfolding ever since. And it is really the largest revelation of its kind in the world that I’m aware of. And I encourage your listeners to go to to listen to the voice of Revelation, the original recordings that have presented much of the teaching is there to hear, along with transcriptions.

When you hear this Voice, it’s so timeless. It’s not the voice of one individual. It’s the Voice of the entire Angelic Assembly speaking as one, and it is remarkably powerful and it’s there. And it was a voice like this that spoke to the Jesus, the Buddha and the Muhammad. And for the first time, in history in this world for obvious reasons, you can hear this Voice now recorded.

Monique: Wow! But that is fabulous, absolutely fabulous. Now, you were talking about the Revelation. Why is the Revelation about life within the universe so necessary? Why do we need to know these things now?

Marshall: Uh, hum. Well, that’s a very important question. And you know we need to know those now, first of all, because we’re standing at the threshold of space. Intervention from The Greater Community is already occurring in our world; we’re no longer alone in the universe. We know that now.

You know, and wisdom from the universe is what humanity needs, because it represents where we’re going as a race. It represents what evolution looks like from here on and how that evolution can be played out and expressed. You know, there’s so much failure in the universe regarding becoming technological societies, because most of them end up being extremely secular and sterile and oppressive and we have so much to learn from this as a human family.

You know, we keep getting our cues from the past, but really, if we could have real wisdom from the universe to guide us in our decisions, both individually and collectively, it could make all the difference in the outcome for humanity. And so The Greater Community now becomes the larger arena of life that can teach us what we need to know and do, and not do, in order to progress and to have a greater future than our past.

Monique: OK, very, very well said. What words of wisdom—we’re at the end of our time—it’s been a very interesting hour with you, as it’s always very interesting talking to you. What words of wisdom would you like to impart to the audience that they can hold to their heart very closely.

Marshall: Well, what I want to say to everyone, and many blessings to everyone who’s listening because this is an important program to be listening to, you know, you’re participating in a great freedom movement, not just here on Earth, but in the entire Greater Community. This freedom movement is about reclaiming the power of Knowledge that God has given you, because that’s God’s great endowment to you and to all sentient life.

It will give to you a new life. It will protect you. It will teach you how to find a way out of the jungle of your past—your regrets, your fears and everything that seems to be holding you back today. And I encourage all of you to discover the Voice of Revelation, to hear it and to explore The Steps to Knowledge, because God has not only given us a Revelation about life in the universe and about our future world, but has also given us the preparation, which is the preparation in Steps to Knowledge. And I pray that this can become available to ever more people, which is why we have all these things available, at no cost online, and may this Power and Blessing be with you all.

Monique: OK. Well, many blessings to you, Marshall. Keep up the work. Now, are you anticipating another session from Spirit to come through?

Marshall: Well, these sessions come at any time and any place, and interestingly sometimes I’m called to far flung places in the world to receive Revelations. I just came back from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Korea, where I received Revelations in all of those countries visiting people and individuals and groups of people who are studying the New Message and Steps to Knowledge, so sometimes I have to go to certain places. I had to go spend a month in Iran to receive the teaching on “The Threshold of Personal Revelation.” I’ve had to go to Istanbul to receive Teachings. And so this is a world teaching for a world people. And I never know when the voice will speak to me again and call me forth.

Monique: OK, well let me know when you have something else you’d like to share, OK?

Marshall: I certainly will. Thank you.

Monique: OK, Marshall, thank you very much!

Interview date: January 16, 2013